Suggested Defensive Team

Hi all, thanks for all the advice previously.

I have levelled a few heroes during this period.

Thinking of running this def team (Proteus - Gads - BT - Chao - Triton) once they are set but problem is Boldtusk can never get final ascension (still 0 hidden blades) while I have all the mats required for the other colors.

Need advice on this setup and who to replace and have attached my roster below

If you want to use Triton, you should put him on the left of your healers so he will fire before the healers if their mana are fully charged at the same turn. I prefer Melendor than Gadeirus, Boldtusk already give attack buff, it won’t stack with Gadeirus though Gadeirus buff is bigger, furthermore, Melendor can dispel and have faster speed than Gadeirus.

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Samll edit: Actually both of them gives 48% attack buff. :slight_smile:

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I mixed up the attack buff and heal percentage… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile::joy:

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Who should I replace BT then since he can’t go full ascension atm.

Mele Triti Boldie Proto Chao

Gaderius isn’t worth anything…

Would love to hear more suggestions for a more solid defensive team based on my roster. Thanks!

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