Suggested beta testing for Tavern of Legends

This is based on a lot of feedback I’ve read, my own 2.5 years of fun and frustration, and a way to take advantage of a truly unique addition to the game.

This might not even make it to beta, but I hope it seriously gets considered. For most of my two and a half years playing E&P, the main complaints are F2P C2P players being at a severe disadvantage in every aspect of the game, inability to get the heroes or even colors of heroes desired (in 5*'s), and the seemingly never ending incline of overpowering new heroes. Here’s my suggestions that I think would address these issues, and still make the game fun for all play levels. This is only for Tavern of Legends!

(1) Make the summon gate function only for the special Tavern of Legends coins, no gem pulls. This gives F2P and C2P players equal playing field for summoning, and with the exception of Myztero, you’re not eliminating massive $-buyins from whales because the heroes are all previous releases. The cash grab for previous heroes of the month is still available in Atlantis, and Myztero isn’t just another fad trophy for those with huge disposable incomes.

(2) If someone successfully summons Myztero, give them the option of what color Myztero is. There is a precedent for this with the game shop when Guinevere offers you an acension item and you choose the color. Myztero’s skill doesn’t seem to be in alignment with a particular hero element’s offerings, and this would allow lucky players who get them to make better use of them in their roster based on the acension materials they have and the number of heroes they need in a particular color.

(3) Change the %chances for summoning to more resemble the elemental summon gate option and Take Out Classic 3* heroes! At least with Challenge Event, Season 2, Season 3, and Seasonal summons, there is a chance for special 3* and 4* heroes. The Tavern of Legends doesn’t have anything special below the 5* level, so if you are removing the $$$ element by restricting the summon gate to special tokens anyway, you don’t need the crappy chance of summoning 3* classic heroes at all.

(4) This one I am far less attached to, but since we’re talking about fun (not cash flow) for this particular event, what if you added the ability for Myztero (only) to choose different art elements on the card? For example, a selection of different hats, clothes, weapons etc. Maybe make Myztero look male, female, or gender ambiguous? Even if it was just a handful of options, this would appeal to the people who really like to change profile avatars, backgrounds, and pins, and make for potentially a lot of fun and unique art combinations so that people who get Myztero for a summon will feel like they really are a special and unique hero and not just another super awesome 5*.

There’s my 2 cents. I hope this gets enough votes to at least catch the attention of a developer or beta tester, even if most of it gets scrapped.

Peace, fun gaming, and I look forward to a discussion/feedback.

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