Suggest new hero with more than 5*

I suggest dev create new hero with higher team cost. Example take it as 6*, and hero cost is 36.
And if they choose these hero, it have to choose another hero 4*. So if full team cost with one 6*, three 5* and another 4*. So total team cost will be 129. This will be more fun for player to select hero with multiple tactics. If they choose two 6*, then they have to play with two 4* and one 5*. Do not add more team cost. If this is not possible, do make the 5* heros that have cost 36 with higher power. This would be more fair for player to select strategy to play. They have to mix up with 4*, 5* hero

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That’s not possible, without the loss of many paying gamers. They paid to get the best heroes in the game, some of them more than 1000€, $ or whichever currency you can think of. And now there should be better ones, outlasting those they paid for? It would lead to a massive outcry and might be the end of this game.

You already have a lot of chances to vary you game and there a coming a lot lot of heroes with unique abilities as HOTM or during events. There is no need at all to introduce heroes with a sixth star.


Well I would see the heroes of 6 * as a logical progression of the game. More and more difficult seasons … for those who have paid so much to have the teams they have, I would say that it is an incentive to keep moving forward and improving in the game, because those probably have nothing more to do. In short, for me it would be a logical progression, each time stronger heroes and more difficult camapañas according to those heroes

I completely agree with you. Offering NEW heroes and NEW battle items, and evolving the current hero situation is the best option