Suggest & Discuss New Alliance War Enemy Supports/Aids/Effects & Raid Tournament Special Rules Other than Existing Field Aid, Attack Boost, Arrow Barrage; and Buff Booster, Bloody Battle, and Rush Attack

So far there are 3 aids in war which are:

  • healing aid
  • arrow
  • attack boost.

Therefore I wanna suggest another new aid which is MANA BOOST (10% - 20%)

This will make War more interesting and devastating. What do u guys think?

You also welcome to give your own NEW war aid idea!


I guess it would be like Magic Night special levels in s.2.

I enjoy those, so yer a version in war could be a lot of fun


Good discussion topic! May I suggest editing the title to include the potential for many various new far effects? Others could include:

  • defense buff
  • critical chance buff
  • a certain element resistance (could cycle through all 5)

Debuffs to attacking team:

  • accuracy
  • defense

Totally crazy ones:

  • very small chance (1%?) to revive dead war defense members @ 20% hp, 0 mana each turn
  • poison arrows - damage over time (since damage is based on % of health, healing your team would also mean increasing the dot damage)
  • magic arrows - no mana gained for one turn, or -50% mana gain over 2 turns

They all sounds great and would bring a nice twist to war. But I think we see new post about we dont like this aid remove. Just like now.

But I hope they have some new aid coming to war.

Even bigger mana boost? Haven’t you noticed how the defending team in raids in wars gets mana when you hit them? But your team doesn’t get any when it gets hit? If that’s not a mana boost, then I don’t know what is. What you propose would make any attack absolutely pointless. The defenders will fill up their mana very quickly and kill the attackers with specials. Especially in the later stages of wars when you can’t use your strongest team, but you still attack the enemies’ best. Just imagine it- 3* teams with around 2 500 power going up against 3 000+ power 4 and 5* with +40% mana regeneration and stronger, more deadly specials.

My, rather reasonable I think, suggestions are:

  1. Remove the current mana boost in raids/ wars
  2. Introduce the use of more defence teams- like in attack you can’t use a single hero more than once. So when you defeat the strongest team an enemy player has they have to use a different one.

And some more funny, and unreasonable, suggestions for wars. Plagiarise the Witcher 3 Gwent mini-game. What I mean by this is add weather effects like:

  1. frost (decreased defence),
  2. fog (decreased accuracy),
  3. rain (decreased attack).
  4. Or even add thunder that would strike a random hero on either team, say every 5 turns or as often as the current mechanics.
  5. Or a sandstorm that disables any and all specials on both sides.
  6. Or even further famine (reduced health)
  7. And disease- specials still work, but absolutely no buffs for both sides and status ailments are stronger. Alternatively both teams start with a random status ailment that can’t be dispelled.

Magic Night affects your board, indeed making it enjoyable. War buffs, however, affect only the defending team. That would be an absolute pain to deal with in top alliances, imagine all the Guins, Burritos, and Graves going off even faster. Sometimes even a pretty decent board would not be enough to get a one-shot

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Yer, I read it as a boost to everyone a la magic night.

But just for the enemy?

That would suck!

Guinevere, Alberich and Mother North approves.
But not me.

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@Kerridoc, @Petri can a mod move this topic to “ideas/ features request” section ? i would apreciate :slight_smile:

EDIT: thank you :slight_smile:

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They should just make war normal without anything

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Even without facing each other? :wink:

I would appreciate every leader could choose the type of field aid, so pehaps there will be two different types in one war depending on the alleys strategy.

If there were more types to choose from, that’ll be ok, but all types will have to be ballanced. If there was mana boost, none would ever choose another.

Makes some defense heroes go straight to being OP, such that as you line up your attack team and move a few tiles all attacking heroes die without taking any shot…interesting twist.

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May I take the opportunity to bump a previous idea - Tame Titans

Every time your alliance defeats a Titan, you have a x% chance of capturing it.

These are kept under lock and key until the next war.

Then the leaders can select their titan of choice.

During the war, same drill, war bonus bar fills up and then

BOOM - TITAN STRIKE - death from above, fire and brimstone (or ice, or the weird, glowing purple balls)

It’ll need some balancing, the hits would be much softer than the titan battle, but proportional to the level or your captured titan.


That is why it will never happen. The buffs/debuffs have to be the same for both teams.

That is the beauty of it, is that it doesn’t need to be perfectly balanced, because it will still be fair no matter what. That’s why I really think SG has a lot of room here to experiment with some new war effects and it would be a lot of fun for players.


Is not winning a battle more fun than losing?

Why not think of ideas that help the offense win more, not additional ideas that help the offense win even less?

People are frustrated by bad boards. People are frustrated by raid mechanics that they feel conspire against them to lose to defenders that are far less powerful.

So when all three war aids are currently all defense team aids, why would we want to add even more defense team aids?

Take any of the ideas here, and make them so they help the offense, and I think you’ll find more of the community offering support.


Nice thread :wink:

I would add “Board Reshuffle” to the mentioned ones :sunglasses:


I agree with the 2 I liked in here, but in my opinion, I think field aids should be removed and make it a simple one on one team with no aids in every attack. You dont have someone, but field medics, helping in real war. And depending on how hit, they dont always come back to fight field aids should be discontinued and use your healers in war defense and attacks as any normal war should be.

Cause easy raids are boring AF…

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Feel free to opt out of war and go do raids if you want that…

I have to give credit to @ModernThinker for pointing out that the aids do always assist the defense. I understand too someone could say that it’s helping u out too when ur defense is being attacked but the point is im not actually playing defense . Just like everyone else we only actually play offense. Sure it takes thought to place a defense on the field that’s good but honestly making it harder to score while ur at the controls is somewhat discouraging at points. Anyway good thoughts all around.

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