Suddenly my damage agianst Titans got bad

Suddenly my damage agianst Titans got bad

I am usual using a color stacks against Titans.
Wu-Kong always than at least 3 of the counter color of the titan. A healer, a dmg/def buffer and a de-buffer and a second healer or a nuker.
From 3 flags I usually hit somewhere between 90k and 120k without battle items.
If I have a lucky board I score more than 70k without battle items. With a bad board at least 26k…
I know how to fight Titans… I am always in the top 2 in my Alliance.

After the last update suddenly I barely reach 20k with a flag. Maybe 30 after 5(!) tornado. We are not getting harder titans… 5-6-7 stars as usual.
I thought, I might being unlucky with the broads, however…
I did a test on yesterdays red Titan. I used up 2 Titan flasks… I attacked it 9 times in a row with different team setup (all blue, all blue + wu kong, two blue + Boldtusk + Wu +Purple, full rainbow…), I scored around 18k in every round… With today’s yellow it goes on. Full purple scored 18K, Full purple+ wu 18k, mixed 18k.

My Alliance members are asking what the ■■■■ am I doing?

Was there some stealth Nerf?
Is there some hidden player de-buff what makes you score less if you were to good for too long?

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