Sudden increase in raids

Over the last two weeks my alliance has seen a sudden increase in how many times they are raided per day. Most of the members went from being raided once per week to suddenly being raided anywhere from 3 to 10 times in one day per day. Has anyone else had this happen to them recently?

I’m still getting hit between 1-4x a day (though I expect this to increase tomorrow since I went raiding excessively today).

We shall see!

I’m used to getting raided quite often. Partly because I raid actively myself, partly because I have a high level (max) watchtower, and partly because I keep up my cup score. Basically I have the Holy Trifecta of raiding attractiveness. 10-15 times every 24 hours is no exception. What helps boost the daily number is that I get defensive win streaks, with 1 player attacking me 3 or 4 times.

If you’re experiencing increased raiding at this point in the game, there are 2 major factors in play:

  1. The devs tweaked matchmaking a couple of days ago, apparently some players didn’t show up as target as often as intended, and that has been fixed. So if this applied to you: hello and welcome to the shark pool!
  2. The devs drastically changed raiding resource rewards, meaning your watchtower and how much is stored in it has become a more important factor than before.

Once per week is crazy low. 3 to 10 times per day is a lot more normal. Sounds like a case of factor 1: the devs fixed those players and put them in the same big yummie shark pool as the rest of us.

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Bertus, the raid rewards do not seem to be tied to what is in your tower at the time of the raid; rather, raid winners are awarded very nearly 20% of your towers storage capacity.

I cleared my tower before going off to bed last night. Raiders won six times for individual amounts equivalent to something like 19.98% each no matter the amounts of cups won. That means I was raided for more resources than were produced while I slept.

New raid reward mechanic seems to reward raiders with both cups and resources while not taking resources from the loser.

I was amazed when I collected from my tower after reading the raid report.


Last night as I lay sleeping I was raided four times. Raiders won three times for a total of 40 cups…wait for it…NO resources.

Another change?

I won my first raid of the morning for nice loot.


I woke up today to a 168 cup drop from 10 hours timeScreenshot_2018-05-22-16-19-40
I was not attempting to do this. Can somebody please tell me how to stop this? This has increased drastically in the last 2 weeks


Ive been getting raid a lot as well and dropping cups like crazy but its nothing I havent been able to raid. Im not upset about it because I know I need to work on my defense team but it has been excessive lately.

You can’t stop raids. But, on the positive side, sooner or later your cups will drop to an “even out” point where your team will start winning and losing at the same rate once your team hits the average cup number for it’s strength. In the meantime, try to have fun with it. Cups are worthless.

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Tlynn, over the last two weeks, hss your cup total creeped higher?

You approaching gold tier and have become exposed to raiders filling their chests against higher silver players like yourself. Just looking at the cups lost on a raid by raid basis shows they found a defense team unable to hold what your offense had gained. Use this.

Raiding when chest closed should be against weaker teams with high cups just like is happening to you. This will bring your count up and bring resources too. By the time your hero chest opens, you should be able to add heroes to the chest while getting back to gold tier. Open the chest in gold for “better” loot.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Growing your teams will not stop the raids, but your raids will give you a positive return.

Good hunting.

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Been getting hit 10 or more times in a few hours by people with scores up to 5000 less that me, they win. It gives big raid points, luck if I get half back on revenge. Went from 1600+ to 1100.