Such bad loot ?Really?


My standards are my own personal experience for the elemental chests. I posted what I receive from regular chests, all loot that I receive is similar to what I posted. I don’t have really good luck from what I have seen others post, but bad luck aside, I still see it as a fun and enjoyable game. I have a huge surplus in gems, because I have bad luck at gambling, so I only purchase sure things. I have only been playing for two months, and I am sure I will eventually get to the point where there is nothing left to do, and everything is leveled to the point where I can craft the best items, and there is nothing left to level while waiting on ascension items. I am just not at the end game yet, and still enjoying the getting to that point. :blush: From what I have seen on the forums, I am going to stretch that time out for as long as I possibly can.


Want to yell at the moon with me? :face_with_monocle:


Yeah ok, I’ll ask you in a couple months and see what you will say

I’m really not surprised that people are happy about getting 1 ascension item in a chest you get maybe once per month. Why? This game mostly consists of people 30-60 years old who probably played a couple other games so this all seems normal and enjoyable for them.

I’m 16; I’ve played a lot of different games and this is one where you put a lot of effort and get very little in return.


why do you think that people 2-3x you age have played fewer games than you? do you think there weren’t gamers before the current crop of teens?


You can’t compare games from the 90s and early 2000s to games out now. But maybe I’m wrong and you can name some games you’ve played and I’ll compare them to E&P


I have played more than a couple of other games, starting with a penny arcade and going through all the gaming systems from Atari through to PS4 and the virtual reality headset. Each game is different, each game has it’s challenging and frustrating parts. Everything has room for improvement. E&P is working towards improving the ways to get loot, based on what is said in other posts in the forums. I have seen better odds and chances in other games, as well as worse odds and chances, and some games that don’t give you extras and you have to purchase to advance. Doesn’t stop me from thinking that the game is pretty cool, and the developers did an awesome job. I am looking forward to what their expansion brings. :blush:


This game is about patience!

  • If you have it, you can play the game and get to the top without spending much money
  • if you don’t have it… you have to spend a little bit of money to get what you need.

That’s how most of these games work. SG does a fairly good job at balancing rewards. If every special chest had all the 3* and 4* items, most 16 year olds would get quickly bored and quit.

Do sit back, enjoy the game for what it is worth…


I have played a large number of games during my lifetime and I probably have grandchildren about your age. I am overwhelmed with the responsiveness of the E&P Dev team. If you look back at the changes and what has been offered over the past 10 months, it is impressive.


Grand children my age would put you around 71+ years, which is awesome! :blush: Also your point is exactly what I was trying to get across. I’m sorry if my jumbled up thoughts made it seem otherwise.


Yes, getting a compass for little effort is a good thing…but, compared to what potential the elemental chests bring to the table, this one flat out sucks and I’d be very unhappy if I got it


I agree that this game is about patience, I never said that you should get good loot every chest but it’s reaching almost 4 weeks since I got an ascension item out of a regular chest

And knowing people my age, they like hard games, but in those games you can get better.

You can’t do anything to improve chest loot, you can’t do anything about getting 5 star heroes, the only thing you can get better at is board strategies, other than that this game is all about luck


My last TWO elemental chests gave me 2 scabbards, 1 tall boots and 1 fine gloves!
Is that ok? No. Was I happy TWICE? No.
And it does not make sense to hear that I got 1 fine gloves nonfarmable and I should be happy about it

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  2. Yes, the game appears to be targeted mostly at people 30-60 years old. Deep pockets are an advantage, with halfway serious players shelling out hundreds a month, at least, and many forum contributors boasting/moaning about having spent thousands. 16 year olds, if they have that sort of money, would be well advised to spend it on getting better haircuts and tattoos while leaning to make eye contact with others when they converse. If they, as a demographic, “get bored and quit”, I don’t imagine the devs will lose a lot of sleep.

  3. Shouldn’t you have better things to be doing?

  1. If you can’t handle a number, not my problem, we already had this discussion (where you took a fat L btw)

  2. No one was talking about paying players, I don’t think they would quit with frustration of not having a single 5 star hero. Also if I knew my parents were spending 100s of dollars a month on a phone game I would be worried.

  3. There is always time during the day when you’re not doing anything important, also I’d advise you not telling me what to do, bad manners.


I’ll take any free item you’re unhappy with. Each item is one I don’t have to pay for… :wink:

Seriously, I understand chests are on a spectrum. Was this the best best ever chest? No. Was it was the worst ever? Of course not.

  1. What discussion have we had before, and what does it mean to take “a fat L”? Are you saying I taught you a phat lesson? I may well have done, but I’m sorry - though smart, well thought out posts often stay with me, I tend to forget anything whiny or dim. But if you’re thanking me for the tutelage I have provided you in the past then hey, you’re welcome!

  2. If you’re not a paying player then I’m not convinced you ought to be a priority of the devs. I’m not really interested in what your parents do.

  3. I would never presume to tell anyone what to do. But if you’re sixteen and spending your spare time playing E&P and posting about it here… ergh… a weird sort of chill just went up my spine… how’s your social life?


Keep it on topic you two. No need for the Bantam rooster routine. :wink:


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