Such bad loot ?Really?

You simply cant be serious with that nature chest!!!:rage:

You got a compass and a whirlwind, do you realize how many people would be ecstatic with that? Even from a nature chest? You got a higher ascension item. I rarely get those from anything. :blush: I don’t see why you think it is bad loot items. I will be more than happy to trade luck with you if you think that what you got is really that bad. The majority of the time that I get ascension items is when they offer special deals that have them, or the rare quests. I figure for me it is okay that I don’t get the best loot out there because it is a fun game, and I really enjoy playing it. :blush: but I will trade you luck in a heartbeat.


Granted, it’s not the greatest. But not that bad. I need about 4 compasses. I would be glad to get that from an elemental chest. Frankly, it looks like the more I’ve been playing, elemental chests have been the biggest bang for my buck. Titan loot and chests are still the worst, but elemental chests have been looking pretty good lately. I guess it’s all subjective…Hang in there…

…aaaand here’s another chest complain :roll_eyes:
Maybe you guys really have to read other threads before posting.

No, ok, you are adorable.
But telling him he’s lucky sounds like a joke :rofl:

Don’t worry, you’re not alone…

Now me:

From Rank C!

From normal Hero Chest.

Please everyone hate me and flame me. :face_with_monocle:

Luck comes and goes. :slight_smile: I had colored chests worse than yours.


Do you think that is a bad chest? I honestly don’t think that it is. Normal chests look like this…

What he got is significantly more than a normal chest. Add on top of that a higher ascension item, plus an item you can only craft with a higher level forge, I think he got a decent nature chest.

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That is an elemental chest bud, of course it has better stuff of a random normal chest, you can’t compare them.

It’s the same as compare a bad car with a skateboard.
Sure the bad car still go faster, but they are two different things, and the bad car is still a bad car.

So what you are saying is yes it is a bad chest, bum luck Osiris!
Regardless if he got an ascension item that is used to level up every 4 and 5 star heroes.
Regardless that some people have been waiting for a compass to level up their hero for a few weeks (not me because I am still working on three stars😊, but I have heard complaints).
I personally think that it was a lucky draw, but because he didn’t get the exact ascension item he needed it makes it a bad chest? I really don’t understand what makes a bad chest, a bad chest. I personally wouldn’t mind an elemental chest like the one he received.
Not complaining about my loot here because what matters to me is that I have fun with the game, and I think that the game is awesome. :blush:
I just don’t understand the complaint, and why it is considered to be bad. To me and my personal experience with elemental chests it seems like he got a good roll. It is way better than the regular chests, like the elemental is intended, so what exactly makes it a bad chest?

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Please guys… just don’t… it’ll get messy so fast…

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Ok, 2 premise before i come to the main point.

First: i like your optimism. You don’t see the glass half empty, you see it total full with another total full near it that is offered by Megan Fox (or George Clooney, your pick). I really like it, and i don’t say this stuff because i want you to suffer and despair. Life is good, yolo :face_with_monocle:

Second: fair enough that what is good for a person it may not good for another, but there are some “general” rules imposed by the rarity of the items and the possibility or not to craft/farm an item.

Thaaaaat said, i don’t know for how much time have you played, but for whoever have played for some times now, there’s no way that this chest may be seen as “good” for an elemental chest. It may be useful if you don’t have compasses, but still not good overhall.

Let’s see some of the rarest thing in the game and not craftable:

4* ascension items not farmable - best of the best
3* ascension items not farmable - very good
Purple flasks - probably the most chased
Epic troop/hero coins - always a good surprise
4*/3* trainers - only see that in events, duh

Now, only one of this items was in that chest, but probably one of the most common.
What’s more, the gems are the lowest you can get, neither red or blue flasks pop up nor trainers of any stars.

Assuming that the elemental chest is one of the few way to get some items essential to ascend your best heroes (and if you plan to play for a long time, you get 4* and 5* sooner or later), is that what you want to see after you smashed 150 colored enemies?

The answer is: Hell no.

Hit me with a whip, but give me at least a shield.


Are you guys actually saying that a compass and tornado is DECENT for an elemental chests ?

Where are your standards?

Because of people like this SG will never adress loot since we have people that are happy with getting a gem in their chests

Haha, here we go again! I feel like Bill Murrey in Groundhogs Day.


I have just discovered the mute button for forum posts. Looking forward to not reading about this again haha

Of the rarer items you specifically noted as being available from chests, only three and four star ascension items really matter. Everything else is craftable, farmable, or buyable. (Not that I would ever pay even a single gem for a purple flask - I’d swap that trash for a 3* hero.)

This chest contained a Compass, so it was a good chest. Plus, all that had to be done to collect was kill 150 coloured enemies - hardly difficult.

To be disappointed by this chest is to look a gift horse in the mouth.


And just to add fuel to the fire. I got this today, for doing absolutely nothing…Well, I did have to put up with the annoying 60 or 30 second ad…



Now you say that you are fine with a bronze medal.
Ok, bronze is still something good, you’re right.

But not so good in a contest of 3 players, that’s what i saying.

Honestly there’s few elemental loots that could be worse, and much more that could be better.

If you say that he have to rejoice just because he get an elemental chest… Thats a different matter.

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I agree with the OP. The last three Elemental boxes I’ve opened have had mundane items in them and zero ascension items. I can make Tornadoes and find the other items contained in the box. When I get an elemental box, I’m looking for items that I cannot obtain otherwise.

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It’s a free 3* ascension item - like getting a medal for crossing the road, then complaining that it’s not gold.

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Why do you lie? It’s not possible to get zero ascension items from an elemental chest. There are always twi ascension itema in it. You can get two farmable 3* ones, yes … but not zero.

I am also really frustrated that the devs changed something with the elemental chest without communicating it (or just naming it “small improvements”), but lying doesn’t help anyone.

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