Such alliance description allowed?

My watchtower listed a profile with weird Alliance description though it’s not offensive it looks someone posing as admins . Not sure if this is allowed ?

Aha you forgot to censor the leader name of a 1 man alliance :wink:

Edit: as for if it’s allowed I don’t know tbh :slight_smile:


Lol nice catch! :smiley:

What’s wrong with that description? I would honestly rename the alliance to :grinning:


I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed, as it is also not allowed to name yourself “ex-member” or “admin” or anything that potentially deceives other players.

EDIT: Accidentally posted as a reply to you, @Eebanen, but wanted to adress @MrThala. Is there any way to change that after posting?

I’m pretty sure that posing as staff is on the naughty list :sweat_smile:

@MrThala - could you please submit it as a support ticket in game, then it can be checked properly. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


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