Successful invite but no reward

Hi, hope you can help, I’m assuming this is the right place to log a ticket. I used an invite to get a friend to join who has now reached level 10 but I didn’t get any reward, nor did they get a joining reward at level 5. Please can you look into this for us.

Account Vote4LeeLa (Me)
Invited account “Daddy-G”

Please remove your account id. It’s a very sensitive information because it can be used to take over your account.


Could you post a screenshot of invites screen from the player you invited?
They can find it by opening inbox and then invites tab.

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You’ve claimed 20 friends? Dang you one heck of a promoter


Not sure what that shows you as it’s the same on my game as it is there’s.

This was the invite sent over WhatsApp that he used to install the game and start playing

Is this a place to report the bug or not? There’s no point having an invite system that doesn’t work.

Log your complaint by clicking support on your option tab in the game.

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For an issue like this, you’d be better off contacting Support.

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