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We have 9 very active and 12 total members looking to merge with another alliance. We range from lvl 72 to 26. You can search us as “ lost for words 2” let me know if you are interested. Thank you!

Hey what’s the best way to get in contact with you!

We are a small family alliance of 5 players looking to merge. All based in UK

You can message me here or on the line app, user name is Rage in the line app

We have 9 spaces in DevilsEye would be happy to offer

JGE, you’d be very welcome over in the UK Immortals stable. We’re building our 3rd alliance at the moment, but plenty of opportunity in the others as well.

Hey @Thundar, we’d love to have you in TBD: Part Deux , we currently have 15 open spots. If you’re interested, please speak to @Yates1876, he’s one of our co-leaders :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll talk to the guys and let you know

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@948ri31 @Yates1876 our guys would like to move over. Let me know when we can start the move.

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Hey man, are you guys family friendly? No foul language? If so we’d love to have you join us in ‘Fate And Fortune’ were English speaking and family friendly, were small but were 18-6 in war right now!

@Thundar careful with merges they can ruin alliances

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@Thundar I’m one of the co-leaders of TBD. I looked for you on Line but couldn’t find you. It would be good to have a chat with you - you can look me up on line, my id is: kungfu_ferret or discord: Macaque1902#2219

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I’m Leader of Rockets Red Glare. We would be interesting in merging. We have 14 spots open. Most are all long term members. Pop in and fight a War or 2. We have ZERO DRAMA. I know a lot of folks claim that but it’s actually true in The Glare.

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@firmpulse when could we move over?

Interested? Cool. Are you guys pretty active in War? We have 100% participation. We are fighting 8-10 star Titans.

We are very very active but, do not use any Chat app. We are “real life first”. Most of us have families and full time jobs so when we aren’t online we aren’t online. Does that sound like it would be a fit? If so I’ll give my Co-Leaders a shout and you could come over in the next day or so.

@firmpulse yes we have 9 members that are active in wars and it sounds like your squad would be a perfect fit for us. Let me know

JGE if Thunder doesn’t work out for you, please message me.

Hey there. Everyone seems cool with your group coming over. Feel free to look at our Alliance roster and take particular note of how long everyone has been around. We synch very well together. All we can do is give it a go.

Red hot & blue is 20 active adult members who take war semi-seriously. We are mostly in No Am. We at one time had members in the UK(still have one) and Australia. The wide time difference was a help in war and titians. We are looking for a strong eastern and western flanks.

We range for 72 to 35. The top 8 for >50. we have max def of 4543 to 3428 with the top 9 >4000.

We are an OPEN alliance so come and peak and talk

@firmpulse awesome I’ll tell the guys they can start moving over

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