Subtle Destruction are recruiting

Hi All,
It rarely happens, but our alliance is currently recruiting. We have a strong and active team, a lot of which have become friends as they are chatty and helpful group.
Wars are optional and not strictly strategic. Titans are a must and we usually take down 10* and upwards.
We are looking for new long term members to hit hard or grow with us. We have guys on the team that have been playing since the game began and know their stuff.

Subtle Destruction Recruiting :sunny:

:mage:Experienced and knowledgeable players

:star: Active and strong team kicking ■■■ in wars
:star: Kicking the :hankey: out of titans from 10* upwards.
:star: We have a pretty good thing going with people becoming friends as much as teammates. Come
and have a go if you think you are hard enough. 2000 :coffee: minimum
:star: Line ID Sparty97 or Moanalot

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