[Subscribe] Subscribing to the #news-announcements section - update with Beta applications

[Subscribe] Subscribing to the #news-announcements section

All the updates and news about the game will be posted in the #news-announcements section of the forum.

You can subscribe to the #news-announcements section by clicking the circle symbol next to +New Topic, then select Watching.

Beta applications

In the past you could set the Beta application topic itself to “watching”. However the Devs have closed the old topic and created a new topic with the substantial revision of the application.

Your best bet to be notified of a new beta is to set all of #news-announcements to “watching” ( see above ).


@Gryphonknight You’re amazing.

I thank you.

<20 one pilots>

It worked! It worked!


Now set #news-announcements:apply-for-beta to “watching”

Also congratulations to @Astarothea !

The latest forum user to earn ( https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/badges/2/member ) and thus the latest forum user eligible to view #news-announcements:apply-for-beta !


Still just as amazing!!!

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