Submitting a request dont help? Why didnt they give us our lost energy because of gameplay issues?

i am 24 / 7 player. I play since 31 September and buy very often gems. Today i thought i can submit a request, because i got only 2 bountys till yet. With bountys i mean the colour chests, where you must kill 150 dark monsters and so on. So i submit a request. A while later, i decided to play my quest the Weitholme-Pass Level 4, where you must use 16 energy and get a compass and so on. I played killes the boss at that moment my game crashes. The 16 energy are gone and no loot. :frowning: i had till yet no issues, so i think, its because of my request and they were maybe in the same time where i was playing on my account, so the game crashes. Than i submit another request because of the lost 16 energy.
Sorry for my bad english., dear community. What did you think`? I think they must give me my loot or my 16 energy, wright?

I am buying so much gems, and didnt get a energy flask yet? Its a shame, when they didnt give it to me. What do you think?

This may shed a little light, from the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Game crashing:

  1. Refunds:

As your issue doesn’t quite fall under the FAQ for either energy or refunds, you may wish to read the Terms of Service (link provided at the end of Refunds article).

Hope this helps!

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