Sub 1000 point hit on Titan Club

If you have scored less than 1000 points with a titan flag, come join our club of honorary losers. Tell your story, and let everyone know, it can happen to anyone, at anytime, for any reason. Well I hope there are peeps that have made similar mistakes to me. I hope. I really hope.

I took yellow mono to a yellow reflector, 732 points.

Post your similar horror stories below


A fun post! I doubt there is a player out there anywhere who hasn’t stuffed up by wading in on titan with a weak stack…getting them to admit it though?! :thinking::shushing_face::sweat_smile:

For the record: nearly every time immediately after a dark titan we’d get a holy one and yep, old muggins here would charge in with Wu/Joon/Jackal etc. D’oh!!!

I brought a mono red to a red reflective titan. Scored 18 points, all heroes dead. Might be a record :joy:

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I scored 39 against a titan once. I cant even use the excuse that it was weak colours or reflected against a rare titan.

What I will say is I was on a bus to Hampden to watch Scotland vs Russia in the Euro Qualifying stages, a game we lost 4-1 ( I think it was 4?) After going 1-0 up. My beer addled brain must have been making all kinds of weird matches…

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Like many alliances we skip titans in order not to get overstretched

In Mystic Meadows we sometimes try to score the lowest possible on a titan above 0.

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Playing on my phone, I started a Titan battle.
Gott a call, that i immediately answered instead of making a match.

Total score: 3.

we have a challenge sometimes when we are a skipping a titan to get a 1 damage hit. it is harder than looks :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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