Styx Tower, Many errors in Russian translation

Dear devs,
Kindly ask to add Russian translation, screenshot below.
I think it’s the effect from x1 and x3 levels.

I believe it could be easily fixed without application update.

@Petri , @Dudeious.Maximus , @Guvnor

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Also please change passive’s wording, now it’s really confusing.
Word “первых” shouldn’t be here.
It translates for English as “Duraiton of the FIRST defense status ailments … etc”.
Which raises the question “Which defense status ailments should be considered as ‘first’”.


Third error - name “Виргилий”.
Should be “Вергилий” (difference in the secord letter)


Arges’s and Brontes’s names translated wrong too.

Current: “Бронтес”
Should be: “Бронт”

Current: “Аргес”
Should be: “Арг”

Erebus’s special skill - another error.

For x2 and x3:
Current: “… за каждого союзника …” (“for each ally”)
Should be: “… за каждого прислужника …” (for each Minion)


Another one, in the event description.
Current: “класса 4” (of the 4th class)
Should be: “четырёх классов” (from 4 classes)