Styx Tower healing blessing doesn't work

I have selected it twice for 50% more healing yet i get healing as usual and nothing is increased.
I don’t know if it’s just from the healing you get when matching the special tiles that seems random?
I don’t have screens to show cos i have no energy to play today. I read a reply in other thread where player says they had similar issue. Also when i check what blessing are active while in combat the extra healing isn’t displayed. I was expecting my Gullinbursti to boost over 600 with the blessing but it remains arouhnd 450ish.

+50% healing on the screen that doesn’t do anything at all nothing is increased :slight_smile:
@Petri No extra healing from the blessing maybe related to other 250 hp/under50% bug


It’s not about 250 hp heal if below 50%, its about 25% more healing which i have selected twice it doesn’t do anything. They can be related though…

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I saw the same thing. I picked the 25% healing bonus specifically because Gulli is my only 4/5* overhealer. Then I saw that his heal on my hero with crit troop was exactly 400, just like his card states. I’m not sure if it’s just overhealers it’s not applying to, or the fixed amount on the heal or what

Yes, I observe the same issue and I have already taken 50% of healing. SG, company earning milions $ can not do basic things - Guys How is IT possible? Please fix IT!

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Same here got 1 of each: general healing and healing on low mana.

I wish they would at least communicate bugs like this fast and ingame, if they can´t fix them immediately, so people at least don´t pick the blessings anymore.

Yes I can look it up on the forum, but I only look after I found something that isn´t working. Are we expected to look for bugs constantly, simply assuming that nothing works at all?


Anyway got to 15 impossible without that blessing help. Tomorrow will be difficult for sure i don’t have roster depth only hopes i can pull some cheesing :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reports and our apologies for this issue. We will look into this here and update the topic once we know more.

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This is a total bs since some of the players are clearly having a huge disadvantage from the fact that one blessing is simply not there…

Agreed, the whole “we apologize for the same inconvenience” thing is stupidly hollow when they could easily shoot out a message to everyone to not pick these because they are having issues. 5 years into this game and I have NEVER understood their reluctance to just communicate with their community. It’s just mind baffling.

Update: i got to level 21 impossible and i can say that if i had the 50 % more healing would have mattered because i was using Faiez to overheal since it’s my only not banned overheal.

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in general none of the healing bless working correctly.
+25% Healing : Gullinbursti still heals less than 500 HP (400 + 25% + additional bonuses should be above 500)
heals 250HP if mana <50% Occasionally works, but in very special circumstances.l, couldn’t figure out. my expectation was this would help in the 1st round when my heroes are the most vulnerable.

After being your fan for 4 years this is very disappointing , I’m not surprised that lots of people left. I’m thinking about this too.


soul grasps usually spawn where you cannot match…
all bosses always attack one heroes
blessing only have after 5 floors… and its not working…