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My somewhat rhetorical question was meant to bolster the point that players may have differing priorities, so thanks for picking up on that. :slight_smile:

And this is a good summary of the point I was drawing earlier:

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Why not remove the emblems from rare titan’s loot and just grant them in a fair amount on titan’s chest loot?

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Is mercing even viable at all anymore? Reduced loot from alliance hopping, freeze on titan chest, missing war loot entirely… whenever I see people in AR who are strictly merc I just don’t get it.

Wait until you do the math how many days of mercing rares it would take to max classes of 10 5*

Lookin at around 5 to 50 emblems per day
Like 1500 emblems per class

Honestly it’s a ridiculous complaint at this point. Not to metnion the ones who are fully taken advantage of it have already sacrificed emblems from their war chests and in most cases their titan chests as well. And are not in top alliances which doesnt threaten the competition at the top. What could extra emblems possibly give anyone an advantage in?

Wars? They wont be there if they are that serious about chasing emblems and even if they were it would take a substantial amount to make a difference. The growth per emblem cost isnt exactly giant leaps.

Events? Nope money and items rule the show there

Raid defenses? U get what for having a good raid defense again? Oh yea squat

They could consistently kill 12* titans with slightly improved heros? Players do that with standard heros

So to think players are going to get some huuge advantage that dont even merc rares everyday is the most outlandish alarm i’ve ever heard raised in this game.

The more i think about it, the more i wish i hadnt even wasted my time discussing it today. It’s that ridiculous.

There wasnt an alarm raised about mercs getting mats, not even a 2nd thought. Takes 6 scopes to max a 5. Takes a ton more embelems to see a similar improvement.

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SG can scratch their heads on it if they want, but i’m pretty positive the game has more important issues


if they doing it for the materials i can understand ofc… i’m not a fan of mercing but like you said let people play how they want :)… but i think sg needs to make the ascension mats a little less rare… alot of free to play people quit cuz of the overflow of p2w… progress is a lot of faster… some people that never buy need average a year to have a full 5* rainbow team while a p2w player that buy sales do it in 4 ( like me )… i just tink they shut make mats little easier to get… ofc all other players will grow too but the f2p or c2p players can grow faster also and compete and enjoy the game more… i like the game alot its unique in his way and alot of opportunities to experiment ofcourse… but sometimes mats are frustrating i see people that get like average of 12-15 mats a week while another one dont get a single one for a whole week… my gf is c2p and she play for barely 2 months and she got a better team then i got when i played cuz she get the mats 5 times more then i’m :slight_smile: she even can almost max ascend a 5* on her 2nd month i wasnt even close without doing all these sales and stuff :slight_smile:

@Brobb your staunch realism is better than a drink+hot yoga+kale. It always sets my endorphins going. And it’s free and 0 calories! Thank you!

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Hey @zephyr1 and all :grin:, I’m new to the concept of mercing. I’ve heard of it but could someone kindly explain why it’s lucrative?

If I had to guess: It’s either because the merc is considerably more powerful than all alliance members and therefore they constantly get A or A+ in titans.

Or the mercs get paid in cash and they use that to buy deals etc.

Or is that a bad guess.

Many thanks

The titans’ lootsl is random? In my alliance, I scored B and got a warm cape. While A+ got me a mere wooden sword…lol.
The top attacker may not always get the best loot…and vice versa.


at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you’re a merc or a dedicated alliance member because the titans’ loot is randomly given?

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There are several measures in place that make it not very lucrative, like reduced loot if you kill multiple titans in a day, and freezes on your titan chest progress.

The place where it can potentially be lucrative — and why there’s debate around it — is if a merc only goes after Rare Titans.

The release notes originally said that the possibility of getting the Bonus Roll for the 4* mat on a Rare Titan was limited to people who’d been in the alliance when the titan appeared. But people have found that to not be the case.

And now with the addition of Emblems to Rare Titan loot, that’s a second potential benefit of mercing and only (or mostly) helping on Rare Titans.

And neither of those requires good ranking. They’re given at random.

Based on the original release notes, it’s unclear whether the ability to get the Bonus loot or Emblems from a Rare Titan is intentional, or a bug.

But that’s where this conversation comes from.


Oh I see, thanks very much for the debrief.

Hunting around for rare titans sounds like an interesting practice.

My initial thoughts are that SG should give the long term alliance members more rolls for the rare titan loot eg 5 vs 1 but that might be too expensive for SG

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No, higher tiers have better chances of good loot. Just like if i buy 2 lottery tickets and you buy just one, i have a better chance of winning. But you might still win instead of me.


My thoughts exactly!

As to the bonus loot from rare titans, it’s pretty clearly stated that you have to be in the alliance at spawn time to get it, so that’s clearly a bug.

I’m not buying that there’s a need to nerf emblem loot, or make additional changes to war chest timers. We already have more than enough merc disincentives. I haven’t seen that SG ever intended that mercs NOT have the opportunity for emblems from rare titans.

Nope, it is not lucrative anymore.
But i have to admit i never merc only rare.

If Small Giant leave like this i can test it for a bit, but before that i don’t want to waste my war chest :sweat_smile:

Need at least a week.

The special bonus ascension material definately go to the top performer but the rest of the loots may vary regardless of your score is A+ , B etc… Right?

Devs should make the titan loots corresponding to the score achieved (A+, B, etc), countless times we’ve seen that the top scorer gets lousy loots while lower scorers like in B range got ascending materials. It’s not fair because most top scorers uses titan flasks while the rest just wait for the titan energy to refill. let the rewards be a reflection of the hard work that was put in. It will also motivate other members to get stronger and be a better player in choosing the right heroes that deals most damage. nowadays not many people want to be the top scorer.

So the emblems are not guaranteed to every rare titan participant and are given at random?

And many have said not possible from reduced loot.

That gives mercs 1 chance per day to randomly get a random draw of 5 to 50 emblems if all of that information is correct

1500 per 5*
10 classes
15k emblems

Even if a player got them daily, is it truly enough to panic over?

That’s what blows my mind. Once the issue is completely dissected, it seems like a whole lot of concern over a very insignificant matter

Everyone knows RNG kicks everyone in the nuts

The odds of any player snagging 50 emblems per day from loot regardless of how, are pretty astronomical.

Should SG fix it? Totally up to SG

Is it something to panic over? No

Was the good of the game the reason it was brought up in the first place? Absolutely not and players across the game in game chats, line, this forum, and the APL forum can see that. Definitely saw some player activity yesterday that showed players are finally paying attention.

No. Special bonus ascension material drops randomly. The better your performance, the better your chance of it dropping to you.

Just as with the special bonus ascension materials, the other loot also drops randomly and the better your performance, the better your chance of good loot dropping to you.

The best performers against titans are already rewarded with the best chance of getting good loot.

Yes, this will happen most of the time. There is only one top scorer and there are many players in the B range, so although the top scorer has a much better chance of getting good loot, most of the time nothing nice will drop. And although players who get a B score have a considerably worse chance of getting good loot, one or two of them will often collect something nice, because there are so many of them.

Yes it is.

I don’t know if any of those numbers are right, but let’s assume they are. So what’s an average emblem return for a rare Titan? 20 emblems? If mercs can average an extra 20 emblems each day, that’s an extra 7,000 or so emblems a year (let’s give our hard working mercs a couple of weeks off annually).

That’s an emblem advantage equivalent to fully upskilling almost a full team of 5* heroes every year. I think that rate of emblem collection would be enough to panic over in a small way, yes. Maybe not running around the outside of your house naked sort of panic, but certainly running around the outside of your couch with your underwear on your head.

True. But I again find myself at the point where if this advantage persists, I’ll leave my alliance and get mercing. That’s fine for me, but SG have previously indicated that they don’t want to encourage players to do this - they want alliances to hold together so that social bonds keep players in the game. So I’m guessing they’ll probably make the advantage go away.

This is a fascinating question. I hope the answer is yes because I hope people are good, but I do also like a bit of drama and a good fight. I’d be a troublemaker to encourage more discussion of this, I suppose, so I shan’t.


Well. I got no problems with mercs as long they are honest and say that they are mercs. But now I don’t see a big issue here anymore.
Before the titan chest was nerfed, we continousely were faced by mercs that joined our alliance without beeing honest (just standard text in reqest). they killed the titan, got their loots and left…this also happened for titans we easily could kill on our own and reduced the loots for other (mainly weaker) players…I personally don’t case about mono teams.

Nope; titan loot is always distributed randomly. The bonus item appears to be completely random. Other items are also random, but with a slight bump in odds for being in a higher tier. (Note: there’s a big bump in odds from getting to Loot Tier IX.) See Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

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I think we would all do well to follow his example.