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I don’t understand why some players want to have the devs change the game and restrict it because of their style of play. I’ve seen many posts attempting to influence the devs to nerf activities like Mono raids and Mercing. So what if people enjoy playing the game that way?

Everyone doesn’t necessarily want to be a part of an alliance and work their way up the ladder to get mats the slow way…so they go Mercing, big deal. Some people enjoy the slow, build your alliance path…that’s fine but why force people into one style of play? That makes no sense. And the argument about unfair opportunities to get mats and emblems is BS because anybody can do it…it’s a choice. Also, alliances can choose to not allow Mercs…but judging by the number of alliances that ask for help daily on Line Merc forums, there seems to be a huge demand for it…so clearly it’s not just the Merc’s fault.

Mono raids, same deal. So what if people enjoy playing with Mono teams? Unfair? Really? RNGesus plays no favorites, trust me…you get good boards and you get bad boards. Don’t like the stacked color damage calculation? Then go play another game…why change it? It’s been that way since the beginning of the game. We all lose massive amounts of cups while we sleep, doesn’t matter if you have a great defense with maxed troops…don’t you get it that SG wants us to keep using flags to win more cups every day? It’s just part of the game, not the end of the world.

I think people are taking this game too seriously and are now trying to have the devs ruin it for a large number of people who enjoy playing this game in their specific style. Keep the game as it is now with respect to mono raids and loosen it up for Mercs who just want to jump around and help alliances WHO ASK…let me repeat WHO ASK for help.

This game is not just for the top alliances and players. There’s hundreds of thousands of others who play the game who don’t give a crap about it. There’s also only one number one and only 10 can get into the top 10…don’t want competion? Then stop posting tips online and don’t broadcast tips via online video… Oh wait…only get as good as I want you to, but not too good because you might pass me up…really?

It’s just a game. Let people play. Or create a game for just the elites. Drink a beer, wine, whiskey or whatever and chill…don’t drink? Then do yoga and meditate and eat kale or whatever floats your boat…but leave people alone to play the way they want to.

Peace out.


Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

And on a high level, I do agree with your basic premise — let people play in the way they enjoy.

I do want to add an explanation for the conversion to come about some of the controversy of mercing rewards — not an opinion on whether this is right or wrong, just context of why the topic comes up.

This game is heavily built around its social components.

Many long-term players cite their alliance mates as the “stickiness” of the game.

Now, it’s perfectly fine if people don’t want to play in an alliance.

Some people prefer to play alone. Or to visit friends. Or to merc and help out.

All of that is great.

The challenge is avoiding over-incentivizing mercing.

If mercing becomes a phenomenally better source of loot than sticking around in an alliance, it undermines a core design component of the game.

And that can arode the “stickiness” — which is risky for the game community, and certainly for the revenue stream that the developers rely on. (And, ultimately, we rely on that revenue consistency as players too, so the game continues to be developed and supported.)

Different players will debate the “fairness” of mercing rewards, but at its heart, I think the actual issue is ensuring that mercing fits appropriately into the overall game economy, particular for Ascension Mats and Emblems.

As long as those concerns are considered, then any way anyone wants to play is fair game.


So basically mercs should join an alliance permanently or quit playing?

Yup. And the problem some while back (was it six months ago? was it a year ago? all the days blend into one) was that it turned out that active mercs were collecting something like four times the ascension materials of non-mercs. (It might have been higher than that - I can’t remember exactly. Search the forum for the arguments, if you’re interested.)

I didn’t care either way until I found that out, then I immediately thought I should abandon my alliance. Happily, mercing nerfs were introduced that reduced the mercing advantage somewhat, so now there is less incentive for players to abandon their alliances for a transitory life. This is, indeed, in the interests of the game.

And now, so far as I know, no one complains about mercing and no one is asking that the devs restrict it. Am I wrong?

I have read a thread or two suggesting that mono attack teams be limited or eliminated, but this is pretty fringe stuff. Mostly, I don’t think anyone cares what team you use to attack.


Thanks for that explanation. I’d like to add a few follow up comments:

  1. The titan chest wait time when leaving/joining an alliance restricts ascension mats possibilities, no?

  2. as far as I know, we only get a titan flag every 4 hours right? So Mercs don’t really have as many opportunities to get loot. They have to use their flags, wait for loot, then bail to the next titan. But if they’re out of flags, they need to wait like the rest of us. Use a flask? Big deal, they earned/bought it, I don’t see an advantage there.

For the record, I’ve never Merc’d but have used them in prior alliances. Many are cool people and helped us through some tough times when we were short handed.

No, not my point at all.

As I said:

And I don’t have an opinion on mercing, personally.

My point is that the reason this discussion tends to come up orbits around balancing sources of Ascension Mats and Emblems.

Right now it seems as if mercs shouldnt be allowed to get mats or emblems

Yes, what comes up is the unclear availability of Rare Titan bonus loot rolls.

Release notes have said they’re not available if you’re not in the alliance when a Rare Titan spawns. Empirical experience says otherwise.

Again, concern is Rare Titan bonus loot mostly. You can get that regardless of ranking.

Mercs can be awesome. There’s nothing philosophically wrong with mercing.

But the concerns I’ve seen raised about them usually are about loot balance, especially from Rare Titans.

There really is no such thing as “balancing”…

  • you can buy mats

  • the same players win/place high in challenge events

  • stronger alliances who kill 12* titans regularly without escape

There’s no real balance. So why not allow non-elite players a way to get some mats?

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It comes up considerably less often than it used to before the nerfs.

But I’ve seen it come up in prominent discussions a couple times recently, so I hoped to provide some context about the sorts of discussion I’ve observed.

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I think this is a problem, too. I might be alone on an ice flow here, but I think that if alliances can’t kill particular titans without assistance then they ought not to be able to kill those titans.

If we’re an alliance with 25 members, what’s our incentive to recruit new members if we can just pull in 5 mercs whenever we need help? In my opinion, mercs are bad.

(I don’t think this is a widely held view, and I don’t think that’s why the merc nerfs were introduced, way back when.)


Because it would provide an active incentive for players to leave their alliances. Like, constantly. Anyone who stayed in an alliance would be silly (like I was) if mercing offered serious advantages.

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These are all fair points — and to be clear, I don’t have a fully-formed opinion on this matter.

The points I presented are to give context from conversations I’ve seen many times. They’re not my own viewpoint to argue against.

I think your statements are the start of a compelling counterpoint. :slight_smile:

Or sentimental? Or social?

Is there an argument to be made that players should be able to choose freely between maximizing their enjoyment of loot or socialization, with some trade offs between them?


Some people don’t care about “rushing” to get mats. Some people enjoy the alliance life. If that were true, why would any strong player stay in an alliance with weak players? You’d never see 4000 powered teams with players less than 4000, but you see that all the time. Why? Because some people don’t give a crap. Actually, many people don’t give a crap.


So if a player gets sick or if a player goes on vacation or needs a break it’s wrong for the alliance to ask Mercs for help? That’s ridiculous. Real life happens and if needed, a call for help may be warranted. If people get dependent on Mercs to shore up an alliance that’s 5 members short…so what? What’s the big deal? Not everyballiance leader will want that, but if someone does, who are we to say that it’s right or wrong for them to do so?

This is what I mean by people should chill out and have a drink…or do hot yoga and meditate. Who actually give AF…


A top player actually gives a crap about Mercs? Why? Are they an existential threat? Geez…somebody needs a hot yoga class STAT…

Lol read through the old forum threads each time another merc nerf was introduced, see for yourself

That hypotesis would eventually lead to the fall of all alliances and without alliances there would be no titans and no mercing… so, it kind of denies it self…

Because being a strong player in an alliance of weak players guarantees you’ll always finish at or near the top of both the Titan scores and the war ranks.

Yes, it’s wrong to ask mercs for help. Everyone has to deal with vacations and breaks - you oughtn’t need to boot a player from your alliance and beg for a merc to help. (Note that there’s nothing ethically wrong with doing it, because the game allows it. It’s totally fair. But it’s morally bankrupt. :slightly_smiling_face:)

I’m having a drink at this very moment, I regularly meditate and I’ve tried yoga (it annoyed me and made me angry). None of that will make me apathetic, though. I genuinely do give AF, because I like the game and want it to succeed. I’d like others to give AF too.


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