Sturdy Shield Pain

I have been playing E&P since August. The game was and is so much fun until now. I have 2 Nature / Green heroes Melendor and Alberich (lucky!). Melendor was my very first 4* hero. I have been patiently waiting to get ascension material sturdy shield. Hoping from wanted missions chests and mostly fighting titan vigorously to get A+. I managed to collect 3 and this has become my pain. The last 8 (eight!) Titan loots I got ZERO rare ascension material. I was excited to see SG started to offer buying AM with the Winter Fun gifts. I voraciously bought the first three offering Trap Tools, Orb of Magic, Warm Cape hoping the fourth will be Sturdy Shield. But NO! No sturdy shield !! Not even they offered SS in the challenge event Guardians of Teltoc!! And today with Winter Fun offered a d**mn scabbard instead of SS my patience may come to an end!! I have got a total of 8 of each Trap Tools and Hidden Blades but waiting on the fourth SS has just become my pain!! SG please be fair and dont offer players to buy junks like scabbard (I have 20!!).


Totally agree…in same position only needing SS yet get offred scabbard…


I agree. Why are the green items so much harder to come by?

Why do the trainer’s tools shop item only have hidden blades, trap tools, and warm capes. Why are Orbs and Shields left out?


Agree. Green ascension seems incredibly painful. I have accumulated a total of only 7 sturdy shields since beginning to play this game in March. Still can’t get even one of my 5*'s to final ascension and a few green 4*'s have no hope of ascending until I can get Lianna ascended.


I have 15 shields, and I find trap tools hard to get.


You are lucky, like my buddy aibretty (who describes my situation as having a shield problem), to get that many shields.

Shields are by far the most rare 3* rare ascension item for me; they need to be put into the trainer tools purchasable item, and really they should rotate the event rewards if they’re just going to recycle content.

I’m pretty well annoyed at the paucity of shields… Alchemy Lab or similar when? Come on SG, do something to address the RNG ****show that ascension items can be, please.


In my alliance we all lack fine gloves! I myself have 7 heroes only waiting for fine gloves, i have all the other things already. Bring us gloves!!


Bring me rings!!! Just wanted to join in in the ascension material calls…

I got 4 rings, 4 telescopes and 12 hidden blades, just to name few, before I got 4th shield yesterday (out of raid chest - ultra luck). If I see another Mount Umber I will eat my phone…

I have 0 hidden blades and 0 trap tools.

Even for me shields are some kind of taboo.
Almost get more tonics then shields, and thats weird.

I find Magic Rings the hardest to get (1 in 6 months). I currently have 8 shields, not counting the 4 I used to level Melendor.

I believe, but can’t prove, that Items cycle. :wink:

EDIT: Yes Mystic Rings. I always call them Magic Rings (from the sixth book of Narnia) :grin:

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Mystic ring you mean? They are on a different rarity level than sturdy shield. I dont even dare to dream to ascend hero 5* at this moment. I just need my very first hero 4* melendor to ascend. And for that matter alberich too. It is okay to fight for them but the quest is not available. Just imagine my dismay when seeing the completion stage in guardian teltoc offers not a single shield !!! And to see SG offers a frigging scabbard today - after rounds of trap tool, orb of magic and warm cape - literally sank my heart out playing the game!!


That was my situation too; for a while I’d gotten 11 tonics vs 12 shields. Goofy indeed.

I have had trouble finding shields too. Took me so long to gather a few, by the time I had 4 I was too hesitant to give them to anyone. Then I got 3 in a Shield-Wave. Right now I have 7 total (started playing early August) and I will only give them to a really good 5* green if I ever get one. I have simply given up on using Green heroes until then.

But Trap Tools are exactly the same for me. I have gathered 7 total since I’ve started playing. Ascended Tibby and sitting on 3 left.

My totals (including used items):

Orbs: 17
Compasses: 16
Blades: 10
Cloaks: 9
Gloves: 9
Shields: 7
Traps: 7

Tabards: 4
Tonics: 4
Damascus: 4
Darts: 3
Tomes: 3
Rings: 2
Telescopes: 1

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I can haz stirdie sheilde to?


Wow I really envy you could get 17 orbs of magic! But then again if we want to ascend 5* and there is no darts, damascus, and tome, the orbs will be quite useless. Still, I could use more orbs since there are awesome 4* holy heroes. I am waiting for more orbs to ascend wu kong though not as desperate as waiting for sturdy shield!

On a different note, out of desperation and hoping to get a rare AM, I tried to buy the ascension pack for 600 gems. And it’s really disgusting to only get leather armor and strong rope. SG needs to fix this perhaps to get at least 1 3* material. I swear to never spend precious 600 gems for meager armor and rope!!


I will wait with you. I only need one Sturdy Shield. Been playing since June 1. What I really want is a Royal Tabbard, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top :sob:

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I am an Orb magnet, no question about it. Have ascended Li and Monkey and need just 1 more to fully ascend whatever yellow 5* I don’t yet have. Well, 1 orb and a bajillion of darts. Those don’t love me quite as much :wink:

Doing the math bearing in mind I’ve spent some money both on trainer tools and some ascension packs particularly Nature which skews some things after playing since 6/2/17 and having been in a high level alliance for much of that time and shields are basically half of what all the others are.

Blades - 34
Rings - 11

Capes - 33
Scopes - 5

Shields - 16
Tonics - 11

Orbs - 30
Darts - 10

Tools - 31
Tabards - 6


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