Sturdy Riposte!?!

I just went against an opponent with Boris and Sturdy Reposte. How did he get it!?! I am researching and nothing comes up.

Basically it’s Boril but instead of nearby allies getting counterattack ALL allies do!?! WTH!! How!

It is from the costume chamber.


its his costume, its not that good to be honest. there are lots of green who dispel and it only hits back with part of the damage dealt

Not that good…? Imagine a tourney with no green…and also on offense against AoE…used him on my last flag in the tourney and watched a couple of AoE flicked themselves out.


Costumed Boril+20 is awesome. Caused me two losses last 4* tournament.

I don’t have the costume, but have the normal at +18. What class does he become? I ask because nodes 19 and 20 don’t seem worth it on cleric.

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He becomes a paladin. It’s there in the screenshot. :slight_smile:


… show off … :upside_down_face:

I just maxed his costume +8. Using him as my SH tank temporarily. Since I have maxed him and moved him there, my defense has held up a lot better.

With the costume stat bonus, if I unequip the costume, his defense stat is 891.

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Which is why Agwe is my Shrikewood fave at 3:60. At the right place you have an ultimate weapon!!

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