Stupid algoritm... Blame for poor titan scores

■■■…are u done with the algoritm on titan…?..a wile time ago …my dmg on red titan…was …somwere betwen 35-55k dmg…now …surprise…im happy …if i see on board …3 or 4 blue staks…so …■■■ its happend…? my dmg its not more…than…20k…not even if i stay in the head…!!!..last damage …on red titan 6k…what its this…?

I had a toasted sandwich and the cheese was so hot that I burnt my tongue and now it hurts. I should have been supervised but I was hungry.


Please add “auto win” button which will automatically do damage guaranteeing A rate on titan

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In addition to the point the previous posters were making through humor, I will add that the level of Titan you are fighting can correlate to your score. Basically, as the Titan increases in strength, the harder it is to fight him and the likelihood of getting large scores decreases. For the larger titans you’ll need bigger heroes and possibly battle items to boost your score.

If a newborn kitten (1* Titan) attacks you, it’s easy to gently push him away and win the fight. When a full-grown lion (12*titan??) attacks… well, you probably get the idea.

Are you, perhaps, fighting a bigger lion than you were awhile ago?

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5* heroes …its not enough …or what…?

I think @LadySuzanne raises some relevant points. Tougher titan, harder to damage.

I’m wondering if it might be the make up of your titan attack team for the lower scores, may be because of a lack of synergy between them? It would be interesting to post your team roster.

Abusing people who are only trying to help, is perhaps something you also need to work harder on. :thinking:


Hmmm… so many choices on things to say right now :rofl: I’ll take the ‘I’ll try once again’ road…

Yeah, doubt it but we all have our own opinions.

5* heroes are not always the answer. Yes, most of them have better health so are harder to kill, but it’s the synergy of the team that matters most.

I agree with @Sarah2 - some screenshots of the Titan you’re fighting, the team you’re using to fight against it and also some of your available heroes would be helpful. Perhaps someone could offer suggestions on a better team setup than the one you’re using.

Until then, here’s an example of the current Titan my alliance is fighting. If you notice, it’s a 9* rare and I’m only using 2 5* heroes. The rest are 4*s.

Here’s my attack team and battle items. I did take a harpoon on my first flag, but this is what I used in my last 2. The tornadoes I use sparingly as they are expensive.

Here’s the Titan and my last 3 hits (LadySuzanne). I did not take all 5*s and Half of my battle items are easy to create. These hits were done with heroes that worked well together.

Hopefully that helps some. We’ll be awaiting your screenshots.


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