Stunned Titan still hitting ?!

With my last few titan attacks I have noticed that even after the titan is stunned, he still hits?

Just me?

Is it a special titan or a normal one?

It is a normal 9* kraken.

Ok. Then I have no idea. Sorry :thinking:

wu kong is active? is effect miss the target

I’ve seen this too but I’ve always thought it’s because higher level titans can sometimes still hit even when they’re stunned.

I’ve never seen this happen. If you have wu kong active or are blinded, then only the tiles which hit count towards the stun.

Wu was active. And i get there are misses with him, but it said the titan was 'stunned ’ and then promptly smacked me again

Been happening a lot lately. Both regular Titans along with special Titans. 7* on up

Only thing I can think of:

Are you trying to stun with a color of hero you don’t have? I.e., you match three yellows to stun, but you don’t have any yellow heroes in your line up?

(I’m more inclined to go along with the “as Titans get bigger, more of a chance of you not stunning them” Theory…)

We had the above happen on a Rare only, reflecting green, and green would not stun it.


Don’t think so, but could have been that it was for color I didn’t have…because I do stack titans, was not really paying that much attention in the time crunch though. I only recently finally got wu, so maybe could be the misses as well.

It just definitely said ‘stunned’ though… and then hit.
Will keep an eye out for more though.


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Titan should still get stunned by 3 tiles of a color that you’re not using to attack.

Reflect color won’t stun(for rare titans) and neither would misses by wukong special.


Yes I got that… but if one of the 3 is a miss, will it say ‘stunned’ ? If it didn’t say anything, then perfect, I would assume one was a miss… but is said stunned which is what confused me.

Sounds strange.

Are you on android or iOS? For Android, you can get an app called DU recorder, record the fight, and upload the video to youtube or streamable and post it.

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android. will try that. thanks

It is happening on all Titans it says stunned but still hits not every time but is happening

Is it a Wu thing, or all-the-time thing? I confess I’m not paying strict attention either… :shushing_face:

It does not matter - it says stunned and hits - that is something that should not happen.

Wu affects if it will be stunned at all. But once stunned, it should not hit.

I did see it also, from time to time, yes I use wu almost all the time, and no, it doesn’t happen always.

Maybe it’s a bug with showing wrong message?

Yeah I don’t know. But asking questions helps us narrow it down. :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I’ll hit the titan with a hero special and the titan will say “stunned” but I won’t hit it with three vertical tiles and it will hit me even though it says “stunned.”

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