Stuff I've noticed that's unchanged since years of play

Let’s talk about the things I’ve noticed since playing this game for about 3 to 4 years now…

They’ve made all these character changes but made no changes to how the game is programmed to “cheat” you out of different things.

I consider myself by no means intellectually challenged…so I know for a fact that I’m not dumb or imagining things…like…

• Time runs out completely yet the Titan still gets a hit or uses special on you but you cant fire a special

To say it doesnt matter (as some has stated before) is asinine. In some cases where all you needed was one last hit or special to kill the titan and you had no more flags left nor time to attack or wait for more flags to generate IS in fact a time where that large hit MATTERS.

• Shield/tile cascades charge up allies to use special just as time is running out on attacking the Titan

This happens more often than not where you get a sequence of shields to charge up for specials just as time is running out and just as time hits ZERO…you’re left fully charge right as the last tile/shield hits…then of course as stated above…again…the titan still gets to get in one last hit/special.

• When you’re one feeder hero short of leveling a hero that you are working on ascending and go to do a “daily summons”…instead of giving you a hero needed…the game gives you a troop.

This is also something that I’ve noticed over the years that happen often that not.

• When you are one win away from filling your “Heroes Chest” the game almost always make sure you never when that last battle if you are on your last Raid Flag.

In my opinion I think the game is programmed to do that to make you disgruntled enough to purchase more flags to complete your goal instead of waiting…especially if you are competitive and attempting to make top 100.

• Conveniently placing ascension items for sale at a “discount” that you specifically need for THE hero you are leveling.

This usually occurs with 4* heroes…every now and then with 5* heroes that are at 3/70

I’m not going to even start with event summons…or how your hero card reads one thing when you click on it…but says something totally different when you fight in the arena…or how some these heroes with “Revive” talents often revive at a higher rate than what they are suppose to…smh…

Oh well…these were just observations :sunglasses:


Yep there’s that, but then there’s:

  • Quest levels haven’t increased loot. Why on earth would you do Scavenge Resources for 4800 food? The game has increased the need for resources exponentially, yet these remain low as ever. These should be replaced with the food and iron bundles - then you can save as use them whenever you wish.

  • Items in the shop stay the same value. 20 gems for an axe attack?! How about a mere 3000 gems to fill your food?! I can imagine newcomers falling for this, but for everyone else its a joke screen where you hope one of your fat fingers doesn’t hit the button.

  • Titan chest loot. Its a farce.

  • Three silver coins in Elemental Chests…

  • Unused or underused items - What is a battle manual for? Do i need 20,000 common herbs? We should be able to use these items to swap for bundled food/iron.

  • The chat box is tiny and glitchy. Tap out of it and there goes your post.

  • It still says FREE under the summons. Well, they aren’t free at all and its nothing less than bait, or, if you’ve already fallen for in in your tenure here at E&P then its just a graphical annoyance. Keep the little red diamond at the top with the quantity, just ditch the FREE.

  • Hero rosters have sort buttons, but no filter options (to hide all those duplicate heroes, or the collection of unlevelled 5 stars).

Like I said, the game is progressing exponentially and requiring more time and resources. Other components of the game should be scaled accordingly. Oh, and remove that junk from the store and swap it with something cheap and useful.


Raid Shields :rofl: :nerd_face:


I see that as a benefit to the player. If the titan kills your team - oh well. But if you have Riposte/Counterattack/Reflect up - you get bonus damage against the titan past the expired time. I’d prefer it that way.


I don’t see this as a benefit to the player because of the time wasted. I recently had a battle with something like 22 seconds left. Because of a 19x chain on a full color team that was fully charged, the tile damage was minimal (most chains were 1pt), and time ran out, leaving a very large amount of points wasted. I have no problem with a final Titan swipe as long as your heroes are also allowed to strike.

Either put a hold on the timer during the start of any chain, or preferably, allow the heroes to fire any specials. Also, animation eats up time and can make further matches nearly impossible to see.

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Maybe even a scavenge resource/gain food or iron level 2, similar to craft/battle items… more flags, but better rewards :woman_shrugging:

… interesting that this was posted almost a year ago. Quest idea

I think it’s good for beginning players to keep the original quests… but no reason not to add additional options for veteran players.


I get the gist of your frustration. I too have my suspicion about certain algorithms (see board randomness), but without empirical data, few will support your perceptions.

My bigger frustration is the overall economy. Standard purchases (like food and flags) are laughable. Summons coins continue to be diluted.

Also, it’s obvious that chests were nerfed. War chests make Wars hardly worth playing for me. I rank War chests below Mystic Vision even. And Elemental chests are a joke now!

Overall, I don’t think many people will argue that the game continues to drive toward a money sink. If you place a budget on the fun of this game, you’ll likely find a better use of your time and money soon. This is quickly becoming the case for me.

Getting 5s is MUCH easier than it used to be. Leveling them is becoming more and more costly.

I do believe your first elemental chest is the best loot you can get my main account over a year ago was pucker . Then my mini a year later was pucker. Then it goes slowly down hill after that iv posted pics on here on basically crap loot on show me your rewards. Iv posted good stuff too but not as much, sure rng people will say.
Mystic vision thread probably has more positive than any.
Does @ierazo use players levels to track loot aswell on there data

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Level player is not tracker, but so far since I started my loot is equal, and I have gone form like 35 or so to 63.
However, an ‘excellent’ first chest could be not random and implementation, just like the tutorial giving you bane.
Data suggests that elementals are random though. I can testify it seeing sometimes mi alliance teammates getting 50 emblems or another good piece of loot.

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Yeah kinda one thing that’s pucker it’s either gems or emblems not a collection of good things iv found.
Like chain mail boots 50 gems 10 emblems 3 sliver tokens 3 loot tickets

Not tonic trap tools 20 gems 10 emblem 1 eht 2 ett 1 sliver token 3 loot ticket

I’m mainly referring to the lack of decent AIs. I definitely get more rare AIs from MV than any chest.

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@Dudeious.Maximus in my experience that is not true at all. The thing is those outcomes are just more probable because those bad items have bad probabilities. But I have had (and seen) chests with 50 gems, 50 emblems and 1 four star AM, the only thing it they are very rare (think about it, 50 emblems have a 2.5% chance aprox, four star AM 10%, and so on so it is hard to get a chest having only good items).

I actually plan to do some analysis like that in the future to study those correlations effects!


The code of the programm is executed when you move your tiles.

In the server, the titan attack happens at the same time your puzzle is moving.

What you see when the titan attack after time run out is just visual delay.

For raid example:
Sometimes when you move your puzzle, you can see the icon indicating turn for slash damage disappear from your enemy. This is because your enemy is going to die at that turn. Even though the puzzle is still moving, the end result is already calculated in the server.

Just this morning I face a Gravemaker tank, I bring 3 blue heroes but in the initial board there is only 1 blue tiles. I move a green tile in front of GM and the icon indicating how many turns remaining before GM do his slash attack disappear (a sign that he will die that turn). What??? He die already? How come? As I wait for the animation, it turn out the puzzle become a long combo with much blue tiles…

For those who said that the titan attack should not be executed after time run out then: to be fair, that means our puzzle combo should also stop when the time run out, but is still going on and on. Besides, we move first before titan, which means having the titan executed the last attack after time run out is actually fair as the number of moves become equal.


I just wish there was a collect all resources button that collects all the iron/food. Why am I clicking on each one separately?!!


Ok you see more than me respect. My experience is iv got more farmable items then unfarmbile in a chest in my accounts.
I hate getting getting a chest as I know I’m only gonna get crap shouldnt be that way many have said it but that the normal rng for yah. Yeah not expecting much but least tokens that ain’t sliver n stuff I can’t get off the map.

Yes! Just add it to the watchtower and let me collect everything in one button press. The algorithm could be very simple, empty the lowest level farm and then move onto the next one, and continue to empty them from lowest level to highest until they are all empty or storage is full (I suggest this algorithm since lower level farms fill more quickly, but we could also consider the % full and go from highest to lowest). Leave the existing collect button there in the watchtower in case I don’t want to collect everything.

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I don’t like that titan battles end at 1 second, often resulting in you missing out on that last great move/firing of specials you just charged. The battle lasts 1:29, not 1:30.

I wish they would alter or add new rotating quests, the current ones are largely irrelevant after your first few weeks of playing. Mine iron/gather food/basic crafting mats etc are all useless, you’d get spend less WE and get more resources/items from playing the world map. Or simply base the rewards on character level.

Chests that take a long time to get need a buff. War/ele chests are consistently garbage despite how rare they are to open up. Titan chests are a joke, on par with the regular monster chest you can open twice a day. Yes yes RNG etc, but a chest that takes a week, or 3 weeks to open shouldn’t be the same as one you can open every day.

There’s sooooooooo many farmable mats that are useless. I suppose the Alchemy lab was supposed to help with that, but they ruined that as well.


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