Stuck on which hero to work on

After I finish Malosi who would you work on out of these. G Kong (I don’t have Zim), Margaret, Atomos (have Tarlak, Eve, Greg, Lianna, Telluria maxed).
Also Domitia w/costume or Clarissa but I only have 5 tabbards. Thanks for any advice!

Don’t let your lack of tabards cloud your decision; the Molrovia quest is likely next week in which you can acquire a sixth.

You list a number of good green heroes. How are you with the other elements? What do you need in terms of sniper, etc? (you have a good tank, already)

I’ve got good snipers and healers, right now I’m thinking G Kong because of his cleanse. I’ve got Gravemaker, Anzo, Marjana, Azlar, Elena maxed for reds.

if you haven’t already maxed Gravemaker, do that first!

The cleanse is a nice add to GK, so that is not a bad way to go. Domitia’s costume makes her much better, so that would be a solid choice, too. I also like Clarissa’s very fast speed.

I’m guessing based on the way you formulated the question, that you intend to focus all your leveling on a single hero – but, I could be reading too much into that. It really is more efficient (from a materials perspective) to feed “in-color,” that is, give green feeders only to green heroes, etc.

The effect is that it takes longer to level any given hero (a struggle for the impatient like me), but overall it is more efficient so that you will get more heroes leveled more quickly over a span of time.

If you go that route, you could choose one hero of each element and feed that hero. This has the effect of removing the tough decision about GK versus Domitia, the answer is" both." It also means that it will take longer to get either one maxed, though you’ll get both maxed faster.

my two cents.

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It is appreciated. Thank you!

I did that color feeding long time, but once you have enough 5* heroes, you kind of want that one hero there faster. So now days, I use 2* and higher feeders to that 5*, which I level and 1* to 3* or 4* or costumes or unleveled 5*.

I think, Guardian Kong would be my first choice from those. Good agaist Telly.

Also I’m wondering, which one to level Clarissa or CDomitia. That’s hard one, I might level Domitia, since I find, that debuffing more useful in wars. Clarissa is awesome hero too.

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