Stuck on province 21 stage 7

Any tips and or tricks to get past this stage I’ve been stuck on it for a very long time.

What’s your line up and how leveled up are they?

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But jokes aside, what’s your current team? What’s the actual problem?
You don’t do damage? You die from single hits? You die from amassed damage?
Bosses kill you?
Or what?

And yea… what’s your current team.

I have progressed to province 22 finally
Thanks for the replies though

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Generally, if you are dying on a level multiple times … go back and farm something easier and build up your team.

Having finished S1, and all of S2 that’s been released on normal, half of it on hard, I still do most of my farming in the 3-flag zone of S1.

I find these levels with all dark enemies extremely annoying, they seem to be able to take a beating and the levels with them always seem designed to cheat you out of gems if you’re even lucky enough to manage to get to the boss as the boss always seems to be way too overpowered and kill with a single shot.
So many times i’ve only managed to pass them by paying the 75 gems to continue after being wiped out, I both want to continue playing it but also despise how it rips you off at every turn.

Thanks for the replies I went somewhere and read that stopping on Province 20 stage 9 to level up is a good thing so that’s what I’ve been doing and within two days I’ve gotten from 24 to 68% 25. … and all this after I finally beat stage 7 someone in my alliamce told me what I needed to do to do it so it’s done

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So I’m leveling up my heroes first then going through the stages that’s been the problem my heroes weren’t strong enough