Stuck on Level 22 Stage 7

I have been Stuck on Level 22 Stage 7 for about 30 days
In this time, I have been trying to level up Heros and troops but to no avail - I cannot break through this Level.

My Stats - Level 24
Game name: MissBettii

Heros that I have tried in this Stage:
Falcon - 4th Ascension - Level 53
Hu Tao - 3rd Ascension - Level 60 ( I need some damn orbs to ascend that are eluding me)
Carver - Maxed out
Gunmar- Maxed out
Belith - Maxed Out.
Balthazaar - Maxed Out
Valen - Maxed Out.
Nashgar - Maxed Out

I am doing the events and quests to bide my time, but I feel so underpowered, that I will need to wait until I “win” more Epic or Legendary Heros to pass this level.

Have others experienced this?
Am I missing something?

When I play the level, I am using the Dragon Banners, Bomb Attacks, Antidotes and Mana galore.

Many thanks in advance for your input

Just sounds like u need a better team

You’ve done a really fantastic job just getting that far with 1 almost 70, 1 60, and a bunch of 3 stars. If you had 2 or 3 healers it might work, but I think you’ll just have to wait until your team is stronger.

Good news is, you’re not missing much.


I agree with Denys—you’ve gone amazingly far with this team! The storyline is fun in its own way, but keep in mind that it’s actually meaningless in the game meta. There’s no reward for finishing, aside from minor increases to your watchtower output.

Your focus should be on improving your team by getting more 4* heroes, or even a 5* if you’re very lucky. As you note, you also need rare ascension materials to bring these 4* heroes up. If you’re not in an alliance, find the best one you can that will take you. If your alliance isn’t growing as strongly as you are, considering upgrading. The best regular source for these mats is Titan loot, and the bigger the Titan you’re felling, the better the loot.


Very good job indeed.
You can’t ask for more, you reach already the top (or even more for your team).
Don’t get crazy trying to go any further, you just get mad and wasting time, energy and material.

Be patient and upgrade your training camp to get some juicy 4*.

I wish you good luck and i cross my fingers to you.
You have my sympathy.


I agree with the others that you’ve seriously been out kicking your coverage with that level team. Very nice work!

For now, I’d but effort into getting your Training Camp up to at least level 13. That’s when you can train your own 3* and 4* heroes. Keep filling your monster and raid chests to gain rare ascension items that will be badly needed once you do get the better heroes. Finish the rare quests when they pop up every few weeks if you can, or at least up to the very last level.

And definitely hang onto your maxxed 3* heroes if you plan to play the beginner level of the monthly challenges! If you haven’t yet joined an alliance, may want to do so to enable Titan battles. Fighting Titans is a great way to get better ascension items too.

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You need a healer. And/Or a counterattacker. Then you’ll be surprised how easily you beat the level.

Glad I could search for help on this also. Just beat it using both Rigard and Sabina (both 3/60). Double healers came in clutch!! Only lost a hero on the boss battle! Thanks for the tips all!

Try belith along with hawkmoon 3* shaji 2* fully ascended (3 healers) and falcon and Hu tao that you already have

This is a 3 year old thread… Most likely the OP has passed this stage by now. :grin:

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Yeah. There are lot of us here with resurrect capabilities. LMAO