Stuck needing practice swords and adventure's kits

I’m full of recruits (92), and in order to train them I need practice swords and adventurer’s kits. There is increased chance of finding them in province 4 and 5, but even at my fairly low level, those two provinces are little challenge. But each time I fight in one and get a sword or kit, I also get more recruits and I can’t seem to get enough of those items to knock down the number of recruits.

I’m currently at province 20 and it’s tough, but I keep going back to 4 and 5 to help process more recruits. Is there some way to get enough swords and kits to process these raw recruits? I don’t see a way to buy any.

If you can raise (or have already done as you are at 20) your Traning Center at level 4 or 11 you can train heroes with just the recruits and some ham (and a plenty of time but you can queue as many as you like to). Also get used to farm at levels that are no more a challenge it’s just as the game works.

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5-8 is the best place to farm for backpacks.


When I started, I was often in the same position. Too many recruits, not enough to do with them. You can queue TC4 (or TC11 if you have it) for weeks at a time to burn/store some resources and recruits while you’re hunting the swords and backpacks. Eventually you will probably stop using the swords, and end up with thousands stashed away. Don’t stay in Provs 4 or 5 religiously, 13 and 16 tend to be quite good for backpacks without overloading you on recruits you can’t use.
Just don’t sweat it too much, eventually you’ll be begging for more recruits like I do.


I am also in province 20. To be honest yesterday was the first day I have advanced on the map in 2-3 weeks. Once I get to where my team struggles a bit I stop and do some farming to get my team strength up.

Been working on leveling. Yes I have been missing swords and backpacks too. I don’t pay attention if my recruits are too high, that happens.

I have been farming a lot in 5-8, 6-8, 8-7, 16-4, 17-1, and even some in 19-9. Getting swords, backpacks, heros, and other things that I will probably (or probably not) need later. It is a grind but it is kind of fun as well.

It’s all worked out thus far. Good luck.

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Thanks to all. I forgot about the slow cooker approach and got rid of a lot of them by tying up a low level training site for 36 hours or so. I’ll head off to 13 and 16 and hunt there.

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