Stuck in spectator mode, have read instructions

Ok I’ve been in my alliance for a few weeks, I opted out of the War initially, now I want to opt in, I’m over level 15, have read the rules, ticked the box and selected my team but it won’t save and keeps telling me my Defence team is not full and to hit the button below, there is no button? I’ve read the help,posts and nothing is giving me more clues, can you help?

You can’t opt in after matchmaking. You can participate in the next war.


Do u have 5 full hero slots used with heroes in your selection?

That’s usually the case for that error

And your can’t join once matchmaking starts


Thanks, it will be the matchmaking I’m guessing it it still has 23 hrs to go, might have just missed the timing as it won’t save my team selection, gives me no button to click.

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