Stuck in Spectator Mode for Alliance War despite having joined Alliance before War started, and set War Defense

I have a problem here in the war, you are saying that I was only a former member, being q but since I left the alliance to finish the path of bravery, kill Titan and returned and even modified my defense team in the war and when there was more than one time I left again and came back quickly before an hour to start the war and then bugger and saying that I am only a stalker, this is happening to me and to another member of my alliance. Help me there please … Plz me

It’s very very doubtful that you will be able to take part in the war, as war started.
Send a support ticket show as much information that you was back in the alliance before war started. Good luck.

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Moderator’s Note

I’m tracking this as a potentially separate issue from Matchmaking still running after 19 hours / no War matchup weekend of February 6, but it may turn out they’re related.

If anyone else is experiencing this same specific issue of being stuck in Spectator Mode, please report it here, and also #contact-support to submit a ticket from within the game app.


EDIT: thanks to @Sarah2 for pointing out this appears to be a reoccurrence of a previously-reported issue: [SOLVED V34] Returned before war started, but Ex-member on the battlefield? Help!

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The battlefield shows me as Ex-member and in Spectator mode…but I was present in the alliance hours before war started.

Have you left your alliance any time before war started. Your best option is contact surrport.
Give as much information as possible showing you was indeed in the alliance when war started.
It’s very doubtful that your will be Albe to take part in this war…


I am also stuck in spectator mode although I âme back to my alliance before the beginning of the war.
I sent a message to support before the beginning of the war but nothing has happened so far

Commiserations. As far as I know, you’ve done all you can to try and remedy this. Disappointed it’s still happening as it was reported weeks ago.

FYI 30v30 wars start sooner than smaller alliance match ups. In asking other players, there was a difference of a few hours in start time.

I’m thinking, if you are out of your alliance when war begins for ANY alliance, you will be omitted from your alliance war. So, players from smaller alliances should return from mercing much earlier than what their war start time states.

Hope that makes sense, and welcome discussion on the topic.

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The question is did you return 1 hour before the war started for your alliance OR 1 hour before the countdown timer (the prompt you get before you leave your alliance). War starts at different times for different alliances depending on size (30 v 30 fires first and 1 v 1s will fire a few hours later). The countdown timer is based on when 30 v 30 wars fire. For full alliances this is not a problem, but if you are fighting smaller wars, then war may have already started by the time you return.

Thank you for your answers. I came back 1 hour before the war started. I am in a small alliance… We were full a week ago lol. And now the rest of the team has gone… I got no answer from support and I am upset

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If you came back 1 hour before your war started and you are in a small alliance,it is very likely you came back too late since war would have already started for the alliances which are 30/30. This change came into effect a while ago to stop people from exploiting different start times for POV. In the past you could be in a war with a 30/30 alliance, use 3 flags, then go to a 20 person alliance, use 3 flags then go to a smaller alliance (say 3 person) and use 6 flags thus speeding up POV.
As a result of this, the devs made it such that once the 30/30 alliances start war, you were locked out. Many people got caught out when the change came into place. As such they released a timer to remind people when they need to be back in their alliance by. But people still do not understand how this timer works - you need to be back by the time the 30/30 alliances start their war which may or may no be when your alliance war starts (especially if you are in a smaller alliance).
Just for reference, the times are:
0900GMT for Wednesday wars
1900GMT for Saturday wars

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Were you there before matchmaking commenced and waited till your match was confirmed?

That’s disappointing… Did you use the link petri has linked in the forum?

It’s too late now, but I hope this issue does not contlnue for you. GL

Thank you for your posts. Yes, I was there before mat hing. But the alliance was too small probably for the 1hour gap. As it, s now distroyed, I joined a bigger alliance. That’s life

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