Stuck in Platinum... Help!

Hi! I’ve been playing for a while now and my pulls during the events weren’t lucky… but I have a few 5* from the camps. I can reach Diamond with some effort, but then I lose like +/-150 trophies during the night. So, I got stuck in Platinum because of my def team. For now it looks like this:

Could you help me with my def team? Is there a potential in any of my heroes that could help me stay in the Diamond? Who to ascend? I was thinking about something like this when 4.80:

What do you think? Here is my rooster:


To being in Diamond your def team must be much better (at full and with emblems of course) or you must be online 24/7. Lianna, Marjana, Richard, Sartana, Joon. All at maxed level and atleast +10 emblems on each


Thank you :slight_smile: Haha, I don’t plan to play 24/7 of course :wink: So I’ll try to ascend Richard asap :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry about it, I’ve got a few players in my alliance who are considerably above 4k defensive TP and we get knocked out of diamond all the time. :laughing:

You just have to realize that most of your opponents overpower you and there’s not much you can do about that aside from continuing to level up your bench. It’s actually impressive that you were able to get up into diamond in the first place with that roster! Kudos for that!

Just remember that a lot of the players who regularly stay in diamond have like 4.3k+ teams minimum (and even they occasionally get knocked back to platinum). It’s very cutthroat up in those high leagues.


Agree with @TGW. Remember, the level of the chest is when you open it, so perhaps focus on raiding up into that and don’t worry about the overnight drop. I am higher than you, but regularly drop 150 overnight. It happens!


Remember that every attacker can perfectly adjust to your defense. So don’t worry. Vivica in your defense is also a great choice. And listen to @TGW.


For reference… my defense team is just shy of 4.2k TP. My normal level if I don’t do raids and just let my defense try to hold steady is usually in the range of about 2300 cups (high platinum). I can actively raid myself up to 2500+ on a decent day, but I usually get knocked back down to platinum shortly after logging off. LOL


I am on diamond with 4600 defence team. If I am got 2700 cups and not online for about 1-5 minutes I get about 30 attacks (balance LOL) and stay at 2550 cups


Diamond league is rough! My defense team is 4371 and just about holds me in diamond. I’ll usually lose my raiding gains over night and end up somewhere around the 2.4-2.5k cups range but there are times even now where I’ll get smacked back down to the platinum/diamond line. As @TGW said, it’s impressive you’ve been able to raid up into diamond league so just keep doing what your doing and improving your defense and you’ll get there.

A note on your current defense, I personally see two main healers on defense as a weakness and an easy hit. Whilst they offer good sustain, too much healing and not enough firepower to follow it up allows me to throw tiles at your center to load specials without having to worry about any return damage. It may delay me, but it won’t stop me.


Just so you know… a significant number of people don’t actually try to stay in Diamond. They’ll purposely set a sub-standard team to “drop cups” back into Platinum for the easier matchups, and only fight back up to open their Wanted Mission chest.

So, if this happens to you anyway, congratulations! Your honest effort is getting you into a situation that some people have to manipulate the system in order to achieve.


Thank you all for the answers! :blush: So, I’ll ascend Richard, put some emblems on the order 5*s and wait patiently for better heroes :slight_smile: Thanks for your kind words and some insight into your experience with Diamond arena :slight_smile: I didn’t expect it to be so hard to stay there, wow :sweat_smile:

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As stated, as long as you are able to open your chest in diamond, I would not worry about it. I run a defense team of Gravemaker, Guinevere and Mother North ( yes only 3 ) and with that defense I stick around 2300 cups so I can easily open my raid chests in diamond. Thats what matters! Keep up the good work.

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everyone’s given good advice already. I have Seshat +7 / Gregorion + 6 / Aegir +9 / Marjana +7 / Joon costume +7 as my defense, and I often lose 100-200 cups overnight. I usually stay in Diamond (or close to it) because I try not to waste raid flags, and will raid up to about 2500-2600 cups if I can. If I drop, I usually don’t drop lower than 2300 so it’s easy to raid back into Diamond to open the chest.

I try not to go higher than 2600 because it is incredibly cutthroat up there, defenses are full of +15 or higher hard-to-get 5* heroes.

And I enjoy the game a lot more, now that my focus is to simply open the chest in Diamond :slight_smile:


Don’t try to be in diamond league. Trust me, you’ll get bored with those telly tank… 9 out of 10 match…

High platinum is the sweetest spot in this game. You can easily reach 2400 to open hero chest anytime you want and you can still have much diverse enemy to face.


My TP is 3676. All are 4 :star2: heroes. Sonya +7, Gullinbursti +6, Boldtusk +11, Jabbar +6 and Scarlett +7. I easily maintain 2100 cups. My best has been 2288 cups.I did chase diamond for a while, but could only manage 2200 + cups. I really thought then, that maybe I Can reach diamond, but it wasn’t to be.

I mainly raid green and red tanks as per my roaster constraints. Now I mainly raid for filling hero chests and gather food and Iron. I am sure, If I get 5 :star2: Mariana, Elena, I think I can get to diamond level. Staying in diamond… I shall think about it after a year​:sweat_smile: