Stuck in a dead alliance? Magnificent Bastards is currently OPEN!


Alliance teammates haven’t logged on in months? Tired of being the only one hitting the Titan? Had enough of empty teams in wars? Sick of having no one to chat with? Time for a change?
Magnificent Bastards wants you! We have 3 spots open. We use Discord as well as in game chat. Currently taking down every 6* titan and the occasional 7*. Active participation from nearly everyone in nearly every war. Lots of great folks to learn from! 600 cups suggested, but if you’re active, that can be flexible.


We have a couple of spaces open and would love to fill them


We still have 2 spots open.


All full at the moment.


We have one spot open.


Hi @PePe
I know that recruitment is competitive, but I think it’s bad form to hijack another alliances recruitment thread.

If we all start doing that it will be mayhem and cause confusion and annoyance.

This isn’t my alliance, but I don’t want it to become the norm.



We have one opening for a daily player. New players welcome. All we ask is that you hit the titans, fight in the wars, and keep an eye on the chat for updates even if you don’t want to talk.


2 slots open. New players or experienced players welcome.


What’s your average for trophy’s and what’s your score for clan wars


Trophy range is from around 200-2500. Alliance wars, we haven’t won one since the update, but we’ve had nearly 100% participation and coordination. We’ve been within a couple hundred points even though we’ve been outmatched by alliance scores 10000 points above us.


We currently have one spot open


If you have another opening soon I’d love to join.


@JennyJo911 we have one spot open


We have 3 spots open. One is spoken for by @JennyJo911. The other two are first come, first served.


I’m open to joining a better alliance


I’ll post here when we have another opening


We have one spot open now.