Stuck for Almost 4 Months

Need some help here. I love this Game but I have been stuck at the same Mission Level and I am getting no where with Titans or Wars. My team level has barley changed in those 4 months. I think I just have a really ■■■■■■ team build. Hope you can help me make a better team for the Missions, Titan, and Events. I have only been able to find one Compass and I really need to more to progress. So leveling back 3 for my 4* has not been an option.

The Epic tier of Guardians has a Compass in the completion loot.

It’ll be a challenge with your current bench, but it should be possible to make it through with some effort and items.

Have you made it through yet, or how far along are you?


I have tired. I am having a hard time getting past the first stage. Not Sure what items would help if I can’t do that without any.

Proteus, two mana, two healing. Don’t let him die, and use him on the bosses repeatedly, using mana if you can’t charge him with matches. You’ll probably need Hawkmoon for healing too. Don’t take any yellows


There is going to be another compass available in the Farholme Pass quest which should show up any day now. It is really easy to get with your current team.


With a roster like yours, colour stacking will be essential to finish the epic tier. Have a look at

Good news is you have 3 purple heroes for colour stacking. That’s the strong colour against most bosses. Also Frida and Valen are a great combo against Guardian Falcon and Guardian Kong. Bring Hawkmoon and Nashgar for some levels as well. Try 3-2 and 2-2-1 stacks against the boss colours.


Oops, forgot you cant use Frida in epic ^^’

I reckon Proteus Valen Cyprian Hawkmoon Sumitomo is your best shot, hopefully the bosses impale themselves on all those ripostes

But make no mistake, it won’t be easy with your roster, sorry


You appear to only have Hawkmoon and Belith as options for healing — I can relate, I went around 5 months with Hawkmoon as my only healer. That definitely makes everything more challenging.

When you said:

Do you mean Stage 1, or the first part of one of the later Stages? Just trying to figure out how close you’ve gotten.

I mean stage one. I just got through mutiple stages color stacking. Don’t know how I never thought of that before.

Are healers really that useful in this game? It feels like they don’t heal enough to make a difference.

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You need to stay alive through the monster rounds. Only a healer can really help with that. Otherwise you get to the bosses at half HP and they finish you off

And maybe this is why you’ve been stuck for so long . Colour stacking is the key to most things in this game. Tiles become so much more potent when you stack, and tile damage is where it’s at


I’ve been without 3* or 4* healers for most of my time playing this game (started in January this year). My first one was actually Friar Tuck who I got after 3 months, but Hawkmoon or Belith didn’t show up for me until I already had Kiril at 3-60. It’s frustrating without healers, and you should give them a lot of love lol


Excellent! And yes, that’s definitely the way to go. Mono teams are actually pretty ideal for Challenge Events, once you have more heroes leveled. Stacking a few at least helps a lot, though.

If you can get to the Bosses in each Stage, you can nuke your way to victory with Bombs, Axes, and Arrows.

3* healers can be rough on that front. But 4* healers are remarkably useful for Quests and Raid/War Offense.

Running TC20 for a while can be useful to flesh out your 4* heroes over time. It takes patience (can be months) or running multiple of TC20 for a while, but eventually that’s a good source for more heroes to work on that’ll also help you consistently complete Challenge Events and Seasonal Events that offer guaranteed loot.


@Cipherblue I am surprised you do not have Grimm at 3-60 by now as he is very useful as a defense down in both epic and legendary difficulties of Teltoc. My lineup that I used was Proteus, Cyprian, Grimm, Sumitomo, and Namahage. That combo worked for me throughout all of Epic difficulty. Granted I have Namahage as a glass cannon so I had to keep his bacon alive.

Since Grimm is unleveled, take Valen instead. And I Don’t see Namahage so take Hawkmoon instead for color stacking. With Cyprian and Sumitomo in the mix, you can see the bosses nuke themselves on counter attack damage. :sunglasses:

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Are you in an alliance and are good about filling your chest. 4 months is a long time to get only 1 compass.

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I am and Currently have 100% participation. Just bad luck on me I guess.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t having a 4* Gretel at 4/70 and a 5* Frida at 3/70 actually require two compasses? IIRC, the third ascension on 5* heroes uses a compass.

Not saying that it’s right to only get 1 compass every 2 months either, but it doesn’t sound quite as bad as 1 compass every 4 months.

Sorry for nitpicking. It’s possible that you used a compass on Frida and didn’t even realize it.

Still, yeah, try to do all the events that give compasses. Titans, monster chests etc. can occasionally give compasses, but not on a regular enough basis to be considered reliable sources in my experience (versus the quests with guaranteed compass rewards). Even if you have to use multiple potions, revive scrolls (or even the 75 gem cost to continue - I personally think any guaranteed 3* or 4* unfarmable ascension item is worth 75 gems).


I’ve received 3 compasses from watching the mystic vision videos alone

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I will have to start watching them then as well.

Thank all of you for the support. Come to find out it was as simple as adding healers to my group for the Campaign and doubling up on colors for the events. These two things had me progressing in no time!



Glad to see you’ve made progress. I want to reiterate about getting Proteus leveled up, as he’s the hero that opened up a ton of the game for me.

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