Stuck at one outpost


Hi there!
I’m in province 20 with quite a low team (1x4* 4x3*). Up to now, I didn’t have any trouble with the outposts so far (is outpost the right English term? I mean the last section of a province which is controlled by another user).
But now I’m facing a fast 5* (Sartana) in the center and do not have any chance. She is killing my first hero before I have used any special at all :-/
Does the owner of the outpost change by time or do I have to wait until my team is ready to deal with the current opponent? Because I have the bad feeling, that this could take quite a while :-/

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Not sure, but outpost raiding is much easier than. Regular raiding. Avoid hitting sartana or bring 2 or 3 yellows along


You can tackle the other heroes and take them out, charge your mana and blitz Sartana when you are ready.

As Tailsax suggests, take yellow heroes (they score x2 on yellow tiles vs her purple hero). :slight_smile:


i’m pretty sure you can reroll (costs food) when raiding outposts. though its been a while, so i’m unsure. just do that until the challenger has a lower power rating.
…or like they said “strategy”


Reroll is the key, thanks a million! I didn’t realize it is possible on outposts.
Of course I already tried avoid hitting her directly to gain mana myself, but she gains mana so quickly, I never had a chance. And I don’t have a second yellow hero yet. Yellow is my weak spot anyway, I’m saving juwels for a ten pick on yellow. I’m afraid this will take till March, until then I’ll stick to Bane :wink:


Does re-roll really work on outposts?


Yes, it does! (Nice to see that I am not the only one who didn’t know that) :wink:


I’m surprised, because one outpost was controlled by Doppelganger, who had the same team as me.


There is really no reason or hurry to finish the map. I stopped several times to build my heroes while I tried to finish the map. I think my first time through I rushed it a bit and ended up beating the game way to early at way to high a cost. My second time through I had nearly forgotten that I had not yet beaten the map and when I finally went through the last few stages it was completely without using items.

My advice is take your time and build your heroes and keep. Develop a stronger team and have fun. If you are not in an alliance, join one and kill a few titans. The map is simply an introduction to the game. Sure, beating the outpost will increase the production of your Watchtower by 5%, but once that is done, take a break and build your team stronger.


I never realized you could reroll those outposts! Thanks for that, it could come in handy when we get the new season.


yeah, i couldn’t believe that didn’t notice it either. its really just a raid (it even uses a raid flag) and the screen is the exact same.
i will admit that i didn’t notice it until somewhere around level 15 or so.


Yes, you are right. I also realized that I should take my time. But on this outpost, I was really surprised, because in the past I never had any trouble whatsoever with outposts and all over sudden I didn’t have any chance at all :wink:
Edit: I intended to quote Otto0000, but I’m on my cell and it didn’t work out :wink:


Hmm…does it fill your raid chest too? :smiley_cat:


oddly i didn’t check. i would assume so as everything else about it makes it a raid.
can anyone still going through the map confirm?