[Stub] Tourney Qualifier days, bonus Tourney attacks and alliance based entrance fee

[Stub] Tourney Qualifier days, bonus Tourney attacks and alliance based entrance fee

Qualifier and Battle Day rewards

Every attack fills your raid chest, rewards iron, rewards food and rewards recruits. Same as raid energy.

Qualifiers Day 1 to 3

When you join you set your defense. You can change it anytime during the first 3 days.
You get 1 attack per hour.
Elo’s math adjusts your seed ( qualifier score ). Maybe miniature acorn graphic?

Battle Day 4 to 7

Your seed ( qualifier score ) is divided by your number of attacks resulting in your initial laurels ( your Tourney seed ).
You start with 8 attacks per day ( total of 32 default attacks if you enter on Day 4 ).
Every time your defense defeats an attacker, you get +1 attacks.
Elo’s math adjusts your laurels.

If you Day 4 defense defeats 5 attackers, you get 13 attacks ( 8 default + 5 bonus ).
This encourages powerful defenses to pay the entrance fee as free bonus attacks accumulate across the alliance.

Entrance fee

Each alliance pays a one time, flat X gems to enter Day 4 to 7. No member of the alliance can attack on Day 4 to 7 until someone has paid the entrance fee.

Teammates can set up a rotating schedule, or one teammate can pay for all others, or the first teammate to start fighting on Day 4 can pay for all teammates.

Twilights Bastion misses Day 4 because no one want to pay the entrance fee.

On Day 5 Gryphonkit saves enough to pay for Twilights Bastion to enter. Pays the X gem fee. All of Twilights Bastion immediately get 8 attacks for Days 5 to 7 ( 3 days for a total of 24 default attacks ). Plus any bonus attacks from successful Day 4 defenses. So if Gryphonkit had ten sucessful defenses, she would get 18 attacks as soon as she paid the entrance fee.

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