[Stub, Suggestion] Wanted Defender mission chest & Hold rewards

[Stub] Wanted Defender mission chest & Hold rewards

==Wanted Defender mission chest ==
Many new accounts are discouraged by repeated raids on their base.

Every time a defense team hero is killed it counts towards the Wanted Defender mission chest. Once 200 are reached, the normal Wanted mission rewards apply.

This would also reward players for getting to the Top 100 where they can always be raided.

This would discourage single 1* 1.1 raid defenses.

Players would actually look forward to being raided.

War defense teams count for this Wanted mission chest. This reward weak members in alliances with more ascension rolls to help catch up to their stronger teammates. This would help players get stronger faster so they can take on 10*+ Titans and level 4* heroes from Legendary training but organically slow their progress once they got there, similar to WoWs XP multiplier for low level characters.

==Hold Rewards ==
Many F2P MMOs reward successful defense.

Your Hold trophy number is 90% of your maximum raid trophies.

900 trophies if your maximum raid trophies is 1000.

If you successfully defend against a raiding player AND you are at, or above, your Hold trophy number, you gain 1 Gem/ 150 trophies ( rounded up ) and 1 Loot ticket.

7 gems and 1 loot ticket if your current Hold number is 900 and you successfully defend with your new trophy number being 914.

Great idea: simple, good incentives, not terribly difficult to implement. Wish I had thought of it.

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