[Stub, Suggestion] Change titan score

[Stub, Suggestion] Change titan score

Change titan score from alliance based to user based.
The new Alliance score becomes the total of user based titan scores, user based raid trophies, and eventually user based hoard score.

==Individual titan score==
Whenever a titan is defeated, split the titan points among the active users based on the damage each did to the titan. For an alliance titan score, total all the current individual titan scores in the alliance. Keep all other mechanics of titan score the same.

Display the current titan score for an individual on the user’s profile page. This will help with recruitment, retention, and alliance promotions/ demotions.

This will also more accurately reflect a merc’s alliance score, the alliance score of any alliances that use mercs, and the contribution of any shadow alliance members.

With the introduction of 14* titans, titan score is a very good indication of how much damage a user can do against a high defense stat and how much damage the user can defend against.

Reflect titans will make this an even more accurate reflection of bench strength as players will be more likely to remove favorite glass cannons like Grimm, Melendor, Sabina, etc. when facing reflect titans of the same color.

==Impact on play==
This means if Alliance AAA has an absent leader, so the active players all leave Alliance AAA and instead form Alliance BBB, then the alliance score will stay the same.

Instead of starting at 1* titans, the game could skip some of the lower level titans.

If only a portion of the active players formed Alliance BBB, then their alliance titan score would be smaller.

If Alliance CCC and Alliance DDD merged, the game could immediately give them a slight bump in titan levels.

==Refining individual alliance score mechanic for use in war matching ==

==Ambush titan==
Add a new titan, Ambush titans. Ambush titans give a 3* or 4* ingredient in bulk.

Midnight root x12.

Battle items cannot be used against an Ambush titan. This would allow alliances to save, and build up ingredients, while also measuring how much damage a user can do against a high defense stat and how much damage the user can defend against without battle items or a level 20 forge.

==Hoard mode==
To even more accurately reflect the alliance’s bench of healers and attack all heroes, a hoard mode could be added, along with individual hoard scores. Individual hoard scores would be totaled and added to the alliance score the same as individual titan scores and individual raid trophies.

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