[Stub] Notifications & Cards


[Stub] Notifications & Cards

PM, whisper, mail, all can be horribly abused.

Habitica has a way around this, cards.

Add a notification option. If activated, a player adds a hidden notification email address for cards and system notifications.

The system could use this hidden email for notification.


Players can send preprinted cards to this hidden email address.

Some have a random message from a predetermined list like Happy New Year ( Have a great year, enjoy the new year, we made it through another fun year, etc. )

If set to no, players will get a pop up when trying to send the hidden email a card.

This avoids the need to create a player mailbox since player’s regular - or alternate - email handles it.

Cost per card doubles each time a card is sent and is reset each calendar day.

account settings- Receive options are all (Y/N)

Player cards ( bought for iron= Great raid defense, Great War defense, I will get you next time )

Co-leader cards ( bought for food= Titan HP low, War reset close, Good job)

Gifts ( bought for recruits = transfers X gems to another account. Non-linear recruits cost and fixed rate prevents abuse )

First iron card costs 1k, Second 2k, third 4K, etc. resets to 1k next day.

Each hidden email has a daily limit for each type of incoming cards ( iron, food, recruits ) to prevent troll mobs and mass gem transfer.


Or add a friendship system like Pokémon GO to limit bad actors and transfer abuse.


Notifications - set individually ( free, sent by game)

Training completed.

Crafting completed.

Building completed.

World energy refilled.

Raid energy refilled.

Titan energy refilled.

War energy refilled.

New quest available.

New titan available.

New summons available.

New province available.

New challenge raid available.

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