[Stub] New stats- Defense trophies and Attack trophies

[Stub] New stats- Defense trophies and Attack trophies

New stats

Add two new stats, Attack trophies and Defense trophies.

Your attack trophies are solely based on your attacks. Your defense trophies are solely based on your defense. Your raid trophies are the two added together.

There are really two different activities here, raid attacking and raid defense.

Players can still trophy drop manually on attack and by setting weak teams on defense. By separating attack trophies from defense trophies we reduce some of the impact on low level attackers of manual trophy dropping by high level defenders.

Attacking Rewards

Attacking rewards stay the same. There is a Wanted Hero Mission Chest only for attack trophies. Yes, I also want a chest for defense, but some problems with retro fitting a game mechanic is game economy balance and individual response to incentives. If a player thinks chest rewards suck, giving them more chests ( see response to war chest ), or any randomized loot ( see response to Tourney loot ), or skewed loot tables ( see rare chests ), will not motivate them. Giving a different reward will motivate players not motivated by the previous reward. By adding a veritably of rewards ( guaranteed, small variance, large variance) more players can be motivated.

Defending rewards

Every time your defense team defeats an attacking team, you gain 1 recruit per X power of the attacking heroes and 1 world energy per Y power of the attacking heroes. There is a 10% chance of bonus rewards, that is listed separately from base rewards. Bonus rewards are +100% base rewards.

Variables X and Y are set weekly by a data mining algorithm and per defending trophy arena ( Bronze, Silver, etc.). Current values are displayed in the arena [?] menu.

As players attempt to optimize their defense rewards in each arena, the variables will self adjust.

Devs can tweak the algorithm until the desired impact is achieved.

Alliances and trophies

Alliances can choose Attack trophies, defense trophies, both trophies combined, team power of top five heroes or team power of top thirty heroes for the alliance’s minimum invite requirement.

My Personal Opinion

Click for ramblings of a sleep deprived individual who woke up, without an alarm, ten minutes before ATLANTIS RISING!!!

This has a low likelihood of implementation, but it does show some of the problems with updates to a MMO.

The impressive thing about alliance war is not how it was executed and rewarded but the intrinsic motivation. Many people like war because it lets them cooperate.

Rumors from Beta say Tourneys were fun because they eliminated a color, radically changing the raid dynamic. But without qualifier days, there is no way to test a defense since 3* Tourneys have twenty combinations alone ( no rule plus three rules times five possible color eliminations ). Tourneys as implemented have many flaws.

Maybe if Tourneys, and challenge events, were group based or alliance based ( see Notes ).

It would be interesting to implement Tourney style rules ( rarity, special rule, color elimination ) in a PvE situation. Challenge events already have a limited implementation with reflect colors.


Click for Notes

Group based

Group based would seem to be better since players could self select and would allow friends from different alliances to work together ( a totally new game mechanism).

Alliance based

Alliance based would be easier to code.

Intrinsic rewards

Unintended consequence

One of the Unintended consequence of war is rewarding my alliance for me dropping out until I can get better defense heroes. I have always prioritized Glass cannons and double healers. And I will continue to do this. But until I can get two different color 5* healers, the war matchmaking penalizes my involvement in war. My alliance started losing more wars when I raised ten heroes to 4*+1, but is now winning more since I opted out.

On a personal note, one of my intrinsic rewards is analyzing games. I have a ton of 3* training heroes because they are useful for testing Empires.



I think it is a nice Idea to encourage people to push for a better defense team instead of setting it low to get some easy targets when going for the wanted chest.

I do have a question, how would you tackle the leaderboard as your attack trophies could keep growing and growing. For all current top players as they a strong arrangement of heroes to select from having good chances if winning.
So without more than a full 5* team you would never reach the top anymore.

Also loved the sleep deprived ramblings.

Will keep track of your future posts @Gryphonknight


That is not how Elo’s math works ( see link )

The short explanation is at least one player will set an awesome 5* defense team. To get to 2970 trophies, assuming Devs did not muck with that part of matchmaking, you will have to defeat it multiple times. But each win will eventually give you +1 trophies and each loss -50 trophies.



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(What is the highest score ever achieved - is it still viable today?)

My apologies for my stupid question you’ve more than answered. For some unknown reason I had put it in my head that attack trophies would be matched against attack trophies, hence the unlimited growth thought.

I realise that this makes no sense at all.

Why is it that your sleep deprived mind works so well. While my also sleep deprived mind just wonders of into utter nonsense?


As a writing tutor I have more practice deleting the nonsense.

Luckily you can not hear the Atlantis Rising discussion I just had with Gryphonkit.


There are no stupid questions.


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