[Stub] New event - Onslaught

[Stub] New event - Onslaught

This event has 10 stages like Seasonal events. But you can rerun stages as often as you like.

The difference is, every time you rerun a stage, it adds another wave of mobs and the rewards slightly improve.

First time you run stage 5, you have 1 Boss wave and 2 mob waves. The tenth time you run stage 5 you have 1 Boss wave and 11 mob waves.

At the end there will be prizes for most waves successfully completed for each stage.

I am not up to all the terms here so please correct me if I am wrong.

I am presuming a mob wave are the smaller monsters the surround the boss, YES.

If this so then would make for a great new challenge where as you with each level these are increased.

I would like see the in the same form as the monthly event being Rare, Epic and Ledgendary.

I bet getting through 11 or so these little buggers would make an interesting challenge for sure.

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Its tough but very doable with the right team and strategy.

But this is very off topic…

If you like @Gryphonknight 's idea, vote for it at the top. Discussion here should be about that idea…

You are correct about what a mob is. If you like the idea, vote for it at the top header.

I have a hard enough time with the regular events. :cold_sweat: