[Stub] label each battlefield position in war

[Stub] label each battlefield position in war

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This is one of those quality of life suggestions.

Currently my war notes look something like this

Andr 2902 3.3 39+39 x2 red, healer green

SamT 2786 3.1 33+33 x2 purple, center purple

Where 3.3 and 3.1 are positions on the battlefield ( row 3, column 3 & 1 ). However it it easy to miscount. Either when I am making notes or discussing the hit list with my alliance.

Add some sort of label. A number, Row.Column, letters A- DD, something so we can find, analyze, discuss and attack, enemy positions on the battlefield.

Each position has a nick of a team member. Isn’t it enough? In which way it differs from any other labels that can be assigned to each place?

While I agree that the nicknames do appear, it is sometimes impossible to tell based on nickname alone. For sake of example if the leader of my alliance asks me to hit (insert name here) I will possibly be able to hit, but if there is a situation in which one has a keyboard for Cyrillic letters and another does not the source of confusion can be dealt with using position labels.

Returning to the Original Posters point, I agree that position numbers are a necessary change to make. The three reasons I say this are
1 It establishes who to strike regardless of alphabet used.
2 It is easier than having to count row 3 column 2 etc when launching war attacks
3 It allows for all members of an alliance to effectively and definitively communicate breifly.

To conclude I support war position labeling and I am eager to see it considered by the developers.


I love love love this idea. We have fought a lot if teams with the Russian (my guess) alphabet and can not write their names. God(s) help us if we fight a Vietnamese, Thai or Chinese team.

Numbers and letters, like bingo would be awesome!

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Also, my team has two players named “David”. Just to add to the confusion

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My only concern is that labeling the positions may hinder more than it helps… Because people don’t necessarily stay with their alliance throughout war, and because it has randomly changed player positions for no apparent reason before as well.

Do you ever leave suggestions/directions for targets because you’re about to get off the game? I have and if I left a note but the positive change shortly after it would only cause confusion for my alliance members.

I’m not saying that a quality of life improvement wouldn’t be appreciated, I’m just wondering if enemy positions never change for y’all and I should submit a support ticket or something

I see what you are saying, I think I have seen once or twice where position changed mid war because someone was kicked and or left, this shouldn’t be an issue only because the game could update based on circumstances or the position could be left blank. For sake of argument say I leave my alliance and I am in random position number 17. That just would mean 17 could be left blank when a new person clicks the war tab.

As for a support ticket I don’t think one is necessary in your case, but if it persists you may want to revisit the idea later on this last bit is my opinion, but I don’t see leaving/ being kicked from an alliance as that much of a problem to the idea.