[Stub] Interval Autoplay or Saving on energy consumption

[Stub] Interval Autoplay or Saving on energy consumption


Niantic just added battery saver mode to Ingress Prime, so all their games have battery saver mode.


While not a true battery saver mode, interval auto play would conserve battery power without replacing the revenue stream generated from loot tickets and the server balance provided by energy meter.

Interval autoplay

While in Interval autoplay, the following would be different during mob waves ( Boss waves would autoplay as normal):

Invisible board- the game would not animate the board. The board would be replaced by the message “Invisible board- Interval autoplay activated during mob waves”.

Dim the screen- the game would dim the screen to 10% or 20% of the current brightness setting. This would revert to 100% of the current brightness setting during Boss wave.

Frames Per Second- the game would reduce FPS by 50% to 75% during the mob waves.

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