[Stub] Create a Reference sub-forum? maybe? My Search Fu is weak

[Stub] Create a Reference sub-forum? maybe? My Search Fu is weak.

After fighting with the forum software, I finally discovered the software ( support - Discourse Meta ) “pins” a topic for a single read. This solves a lot of problems with pinned topics, but creates a new one. The new problem is “How do I find it a second time?”.

One suggested solution is a “Reference” sub forum. Not having any luck finding out how a reference category is supposed to work.

Off topic, this is interesting:

I think that player guides category is pretty much used for many references currently. If it’s not a guide it wouldn’t be in that category though, are you’re looking for an in forum solution to bookmarks?

Copper sky put together an awesome list of links.

But I cannot find it again. :-(((

Should have bookmarked it IN MY WEB BROWSER instead of the forum ‘s bookmarks . :-(((

Would also be helpful to new players if they could find Coppersky’s post during the first few months on forums.

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Best thing I can recommend right now is make a note section on line with these links for new folks to your alliance. (line is just an example, I’m not sure how all the various apps work)

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Pinned topics are unpinned once you read them, this is by forum design. I’ll have a look if there’s a workaround.

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Searching bookmarks: