[Stub] Branching rare quests

[Stub] Branching rare quests

Revise the rare quests so we can pick between two different 3*/ 4* ascension items.

Replace Frostmarch with Artic Desert.

When you start Artic Desert, the player is told there is trouble in Frostmarch AND Shiloh Desert. Due to time, half the kingdom’s forces are going to each. The player has to pick which force it is going with.

If the player picks Frostmarch, then Frostmarch spawns. If they pick Shiloh Desert then Shiloh Desert spawns.

This would keep the number of 4* items constant. This would not replace Alchemy Lab.

But this would let you pick between two 4* ascension items which one you needed more or if tied, which rare quest was less difficult for your roster.

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