[Stub] Auto revive all teams at second half of war- discuss

[Stub] Auto revive all teams at second half of war- discuss

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If this was discussed in beta, the mods can close this topic.

some alliances are still putting up just one healer, one healer/ one riposte or two healer defenses teams ( Trap Teams ).

The less health an alliance puts on the battlefield field the more bonus point s each five hero high health team is worth so makes good mob targets in second half of war.

Auto revive all teams on both sides at half time would give players in different time zones more options for the second half and help reward alliances that fielded their most powerful five heroes ( Strong defense teams).

Not sure if it would be too over powered but auto revive all defense teams at halftime AND set the revive counter at a flat five hours would be even more effective at encouraging Strong five heroes defense teams instead of Trap/ Scary defense teams.

What additional benefits and disadvantages would this change cause to war for both alliances fielding all Strong defense teams and alliances fielding 50% Scary/ Trap defense teams.

This proposal doesn’t address the root problem: by distributing points strictly based on team HP, and accelerating the Revenge Bar with incomplete teams, there is a perceived strategic advantage in the Trap team approach.

Instead let’s get to the heart of the matter with two fixes:

  1. Distribute some of the points on a flat basis to give more reward for killing those trap teams. Say, 20 points flat per team plus the pro rata HP. With a 30-person alliance, that would distribute 600 points flat and 1400 points by HP.
  2. Change the Revenge Bar to increase based on the number of killed allies, rather than number of remaining allies. If you field a full team, there’d be no difference. But if you field only one hero, the Revenge Bar starts and starts slow.

2 can be spoofed by simply putting 1* 1.1 heroes in the empty slots.

1 could cause some problems. Maybe the kill team bonus could decrease each time you kill that particular team, and the points are redistributed to the teams that have been killed less.

A team might have an initial kill bonus of 60, then 54, then 49, then 44. Could be tied to the revive time, since the revive time goes up after each team kill.

While the additional pool of points added to all the undefeated teams would get +6, then reset the pool to +11, then reset the pool to +16.

No. On further consideration, any disadvantage to alliances fielding their strongest five hero teams, but having a lopsided team power from strongest to weakest, would be balanced by the IMMEDIATE feedback giving to alliances attempting to set trap teams. Otherwise you are just wasting the Devs time.

Maybe then the forum would not be filled with “but trap teams are better” posts. Just like using titan score to match isn’t perfect, but is a quick programming fix until the problem can be addressed in depth.

Yes, yes, yes on 1.
Needs some work on 2.

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On the related note of empty slots on war defense teams. What if the game filled empty slots with your most powerful hero once war actually started?