[Stub] 50% & 75% trigger? Dual mode 4* & 5* heroes?

[Stub] 50% & 75% trigger? Dual mode 4* & 5* heroes ?

Edit: an easier mechanism would be to allow players to trigger special skills at 50%, 75% or 100% mana. With 50% and 75% having reduced effect, perhaps 3/8 at 50% and 5/8 at 75% for an 8/8 special.

[Stub] Dual mode 4* & 5* heroes

Add 4* and 5* heroes that have an option of attack or defense mode.

On a raid/ war defense team they automatically use their defense mode stats ( this is their default state)

On an attack team the player can select attack or defense mode.

Example ( for illustration purposes only )

Hu Tao would have the same default stats/ defense mode stats as currently. This would be used for raid/ war defense teams

When assembling one of your attack teams you would select attack or defense stats for dual-option heroes.

If you designate that team as your raid defense team the stat would change to the default defense stats with the notice “raid defense teams must use defense mode “

Hu Tao would have an optional attack mode that was fast mana speed for titan/ war / raid attacks. Maybe it is only splash damage or single target. Maybe it does reduced damage compared to the defense mode. But instead of slow mana it would be fast mana.

Hu Tao is decent on defense and nice for Rare Ascension Item Quests, but many players find his slow mana special skill not worth leveling up.


Regardless of this suggestion, I think single target mana reduction special skills ( Azlar, Chao, etc.) should be increased to 3*= 40%, 4*= 50% and 5*= 60% to bring them in line with Li Xiu, Guinevere, Merlin, Hansel & Gretel.

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