[Stub] 1/8 5* 4.1 summoned approximately every 100 days from new Legendary training ( RT20)

[Stub] 1/8 5* 4.1 summoned approximately every 100 days from new Legendary training ( RT20)

==Background ==

Even with buffs to mana gain for slow mana speed heroes and nerfs to mana gain for fast mana speed heroes, players prefer fast 5* heroes to slow 5* heroes because of the rarity of 3*/4* ascension items. Many classic 5* heroes are slow but many HotM are fast or very fast.

HotM and limited time - seasonal/ challenge/ Atlantis - heroes are better than the classic heroes from Legendary training. Many players leave classic 5* heroes unleveled at 5* 1.1 due to the rarity of 3*/4* ascension items ( looking at you Thorne ).

==Enhance Legendary Training for F2P & P2P users==

Change Legendary training (RT20) to 500 recruits and 5 days.

Change Legendary training (RT20) so all summons are special skill 1 of 8, maximum tier, level 1. Example 1/8 5* 4.1

==Average summons rate==

1/8 3* 3.1= approximately 1 per 6.66 days at 75% odds
1/8 4* 4.1= approximately 1 per 25 days at 20% odds
1/8 5* 4.1 = approximately 1 per 100 days at 5% odds

F2P users, and new accounts, can close the gap with Elder P2P users since new Legendary training summons now bypass 3*/ 4* ascension rarity, but RNG paywall still encourages spending gems on Elemental summons to fill in color blanks in 4*/ 5* rainbow teams.

Add link to RNG paywall post

Elder P2P users can use new Legendary training (RT) summons, in addition to any trainer heroes they purchase from the shop, to more quickly level HotM and other summoned 4* 1.1/ 5* 1.1 heroes. Or they could level classic 5* heroes for war, class quests & raiding. It is a long slog from 4* 4.1 to 4* 4.70 and even longer from 5* 4.1 to 5* 4.80 .

==Programming Note==

Change current Legendary training to “Advanced Elite Training (RT18)” so camps running it won’t be lost. Yes, some users may be using current RT18, but more are using current RT20.

Then add new Legendary training (RT 20) cost 500 recruits, 5 days.

==RNG Paywall==

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