Struggling to set my defence team

What do you think would be the best match?!
Now i run kingston-kunchen-black knight -vela-leonidas


Screenshot_20210110-125048_Empires Screenshot_20210110-125102_Empires

The heroes you have today are certainly your best of each element you have. Longer term, I’d consider replacing Kunchen with Onyx (and then switching Vela and Onyx)

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Ok thanks a lot! Really appreciated !

You should choose different colors for the defense team.:blush:

Onyx - Vela - BK - Onatel - Kingston
Onyx - BK - Onatel - Vela - Kingston

BK left flank is also great.


I know! For now i have. Kingston-Kunchen -Black knight -vela -leonidas. I’m just curious if i can build a better defense team with my bank of heroes :slight_smile:

this is a positive choice.

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Sartana - Onatel - BK - Vela - Kingston 

After Onyx is maxed, swap out Sartana and put the wizard emblems on Onatel.

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Do you like Kingston flank and Vela wing better than Vela flank and Kingston wing? Is it because green pairs better at flank for red tanks?


Correct! Vela better at flank, I update my post :+1:

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Ha I was originally thinking Vela at flank, but Kingston at flank wouldn’t be terrible.
1 Green would be a better flank than blue
2 Kingston has a larger attack status effect
3 Kingston with a buff from BK could OHKO an enemy

I still think I’d be more likely to go Vela at flank, but wanted to present reasons for the opposite.