Struggling to put my team together - Please help


Anyone got some advice on how to put my team together?

Who to put in a raid team?

Who to put in a defense team?

(Imagine all heroes “levelled up” - Who should I ascend? Which one is the best?)


Okies, let’s get started!

A few things to keep in mind:
Don’t use Elena and Magni on the same team, the defense will make your riposts do less damage.
Magni, while nerfed a little, is still great, but Athena is just wonderful right now. But she’s random on a defense team, and not used to her potential (ie, debuff someone, and then attack someone else)

Thorne is… useless.

A very typical setup would be something like, Rigard mid, Magni to the left, Sartana to the right, Lianna in a corner, Leonidas in the other corner. But depending on when you get ascension items, any single hit character or Justice / Azlar could be subbed in.

Your comp should really be based on the style of play that you LIKE. I run 5 dps, no healers in my attack team, and I like it. Unfortunately, your style will also be gated by your ascension item progress, but by all means, SAVE all those heroes.


I would go:
Attack: athena, lianna, ares, Leo, Sartana

Defence: lianna, magni, justice. Ares, sartana.

I would focus on attack team and only level defensive team when maxed or stuck on ascension items.