Struggle with outgrown heroes?

Hey all.

I am struggling at a point where some of my main-stays are seeing less use. Historically they are solid heroes, have given them emblems, and they’ve performed well for 3 years for me. They see less use due to getting 5*’s with similar specials being an “upgrade” but given how useful I know they are it feels like a shame to strip them. I don’t know if there is too much sentiment in my decision, that is amplified as a F2P so new heroes are relatively rare, and maybe I just need to see this as a business transaction and resources go to what is being used?

Specifically it is with Grimm and Athena. Grimm was my 3rd ever 4* about 3 years ago. He is +18 and been a D-dropping beast for me since. I got Athena from the first ToL portal and she has replaced Grimm in most settings whether it is 3-2, 4-1, most mono runs (sometimes Grimm sneaks in as the 5th). This is basically my thoughts on Grimm:


Anyways, to my point. I am not looking for validations or confirmation as the pros and cons between these two heroes are apparent. What I am looking for is what others have done in similar positions or which heroes you struggled with historically to “phase out”.

Another example would be if I pull Guardian Falcon then Gormek +18’s days are numbered and he has been my go-to D dropped for 2.5-3 years now. I think it gets tougher with emblems because a 4* with 18-20 emblems is essentially a base 5* so it isn’t the obvious increase of when you start to replace your 3*’s with 4’s.

I am curious to hear what others experiences and thoughts have been. Maybe no one else takes it this hard and I need to buck up :man_shrugging: :laughing:

Good luck out there!



One thing doesn’t necessary means the other.

Ditto i had Athena from july 2017 (was it july?) so Grimm was never really my boy, i will never ever strip Grimm from his emblems and feel i still use him a lot, even tho i have other 7 maxed legendary blues.

I still use him on my monochrome farming team, red titans (he has over 800 attack!) and obviously 4* raid tournaments, epic events and now even ninja tower and barbarian quests.

I can pretty much say the same for several other fully emblemed 4* i have in my deck, so i can’t really say i feel you.

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I use both in my teams, I only took grimm to+7 as saw later I could maybe get somthing better in emblems wise and still holds in events etc…
If you don’t have a good barb then id keep them on him for the time still has value in tol or ninja n trails etc…

Grimm was clutch in Epic Grimforest. I saw some teams with 3 of them…

So it all depends on your use but he’s also great in no Green 4* tournaments (or anytime in a 4* event you see a red tank…)

Grimm is far from redundant in my roster (I don’t have Athena but I do have Finley who has a similar effect)


I’ll bite.

Having the same type of dread wondering if I should strip emblems from my Red Hood or Sartana (for Seshat and Alfrike). I’ve split the emblems between the 4 heroes / 2 classes, but is it time to go all in on one or the other? I’m still going to let the new emblem economy play out for a few more months though, because it’s a very clear difference in the amount we’re able to acquire now.

Add on to the fact that Sartana and Red Hood were my ladies!!! for so long, but I feel like I’ve potentially outgrown them as well… or become bored with them and simply have a crush on the little girl with the curl.

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Buck up @Muchacho! :yum:

I guess I’ve been in a similar position once with Gormek and Guardian Falcon. I didn’t emblem Gormek, but once I got Falcon I never looked back. Now I am hoping to get Marj’s costume. :sweat_smile:

As a very c2p I’ve never chased any 5*. Only 4* Guardians Jackal and Falcon… I’d be glad I can finally retire an older hero. They have well and truly earned their “retirement”. :yum:

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I never had a similar problem with Gormek since I didn’t max him when I got him a few years back since I was able to pull Wilbur, who not only has a better regular defense down to all enemies but also provides defense buff to allies. The shared damage done both on the ally and against the enemy is something no other has yet to replicate (Aegir and Gunnar only do this to himself & allies while costumed Gunnar only does this to the enemy). I think my outgrown heroes are 3/70 Richard and 3/70 Vivica, who were obtained in 2018 and were my regular defense offense heroes back then. Richard’s damage to 3 role is usurped by my Master Lepus while Vivica’s healing is being taken over by fast Lady Woolerton. The only instance where I will ascend them to final tier and make use of them again is when I get their costume, especially Vivica since her costume version has a better defense down than White Rabbit.

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Trade out Santana for alfrike? Thats crazy-talk man! I have them both. Alfrike will never be in the same league as Santana. I might have a little bias in that I place a significant value on speed, but this one is a no brainer. I have Santana costume emblemed and if I can her going off she can kill a whole team fast.

Yeah Alfrike isn’t musically talented AT ALL! Keeping Santana emblemed is a good idea, guitars sound better that way. :innocent:


Lol…woops…took me a sec. Spell check.

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